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July 23, 2007


Beth (LTS)


This is a great resource for tall women.

I work for a company called Long Tall Sally, and we specialise in clothing for tall women, so I can totally sympathise with the issue.

We've got a huge selection of trousers and jeans in 34'', 36'' and 38'' leg lengths as well as a selection of styles in 40'' - these are all on our website: http://www.longtallsally.com

I've also come across a couple of websites which have links to lots of resources for tall women (and larger shoe sizes): http://www.extratall.co.uk, http://www.uniquelywoman.co.uk, http://www.tallclothingmall.com and http://www.heightsite.com.

You could also look at the Body Metrics site which is specifically for women to find the perfect fitting jeans: http://www.bodymetrics.com - although these are made to measure so will be a bit pricey.

Hope that helps.

Beth (LTS)

Corrinne Henderson

Thanks for the resources, Beth! I'll be sure to check these out.


Here is another great website for long pants/jeans. eVanity has inseams ranging from 29"-37" inseams. Vanity Branded jeans come in variety of styles and sizes. Also, they carry black pants in sizes 31"-37" inseam which is great for tall girls like me.

Corrinne Henderson

Thanks, Kelsey! Good addition.

Pat Bourgeois

Hello ladies:

I am a 6 foot tall size 8 women who is once again having trouble finding long pants/jeans which are affordable - especially in today's tough economic times. A number of stores have gone out of business and others have returned to having inseams up to 36 inches. Help!!!!

Corrinne Henderson

Hi Pat, what is your inseam and what is your price range?


Another great website and store is buckle. They have inseams up to 37 inches in store and online. Many, many different brands and styles. I have found the best way to buy is looking at the sale page on the website, not in store.

Corrinne Henderson

Thanks, Sarah. I like Buckle's shop by inseam functionality, but they don't offer many brands.

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