We’re in InStyle Magazine!

A month ago, Search By Inseam was mentioned in Oprah’s popular O Magazine as a great resource for petite shoppers.  This month, we got a great write-up in the March issue of InStyle magazine!  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Q & A piece in Grace Lee’s "Figure Flattery" article, page 226. 

Q. Whenever I buy pants online, they never seem to fit.  Suggestions?

A. Shopping for clothes online can be tricky, especially when it comes to pants ("Too tight in the butt!" "Too roomy at the waist!" "What’s the deal with this crotch?"). Fortunately, searchbyinseam.com makes it easy to land the perfect pair. Just type in the style of pants you’re looking for, followed by your inseam size, favorite brands and a price point. Click, and in just a few seconds a selection of pants-all following your specifications-will appear. When you’re done browsing and ready to pull out the plastic, a link will take you to a retailer site.    

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