How to Patch Your Jeans

I was so bummed to find holes in the upper inside legs of my Seven Dojos the other week.  I do wear them a lot.  But still, I was surprised to see my thighs showing through! 

I went to the fabric store and got some iron-on patches that worked great for a couple days, but then they started peeling off.  I ironed them on again, and they stuck for an even shorter amount of time.  So, I called my trusty tailor and asked if she could help.  She said she could.  Score!  I thought paying her to keep them around was a good investment (and much less expensive than buying a new pair).  Sorry I forgot to take a "before" picture.  Here are the "after" pictures (click to enlarge and show the detail).  She did a zig-zag stitch all over the patches and the holes are totally invisible now!  I love my tailor. 🙂

Here’s the inside detail – the patch, covered by zig-zag stitching:


Here’s what the outside looks like:


And here’s a shot of the backside zoomed out.  You can hardly tell there’s a patch there, and when I have them on, it’s totally hidden.


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