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I had such a good return experience with last week that I just had to write a quick post about it.  First of all, getting a pair of shoes the day after I order them is pretty cool.  And the fact that I don't ever pay for shipping?  Even cooler.  I liked the shoes (Black Patent Privo Hammcok Flats), but they didn't have enough arch support for my six-months-pregnant-body.  So, I followed the return instructions that came with the shoes: I printed out a pre-paid return shipping slip, marked my reason for the return, sealed the box back up, taped the shipping slip to the outside, and dropped it into the post office box.  I read you can also leave it for your post person to pick up, but since I was already going to the post office, I thought I'd save him from having to carry it with him on his route.  Anyway, the process was so easy, and everything was free!  I will keep ordering from because of the great selection, free shipping both ways, and easy returns.  Kudos to Endless for being so customer friendly! 

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