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Short Men’s Jeans – Looking for Shorter Inseam Lengths?

In looking to see how people found recently, I noticed many entered the search terms “short mens jeans.” While we’ve carried short inseams for men and women for several years, this was the first time we’d seen a high demand for short men’s jeans. People were specifically looking for men’s jeans in 26″ inseams, 27″ inseams, and 28″ inseam lengths, so I’m going to focus on these lengths for this post. It’s pretty cool to see demand grow in a new category! So for all you short men out there, or people shopping for shorter men’s inseams, this is for you. 😉

Best Brands for Short Men’s Jeans

At Search By Inseam, we carry a good selection of brands that make shorter length jeans for men. These include Express, Old Navy, Gap, Banana RepublicLands’ End, and Levi’s. Eddie Bauer used to have men’s jeans that started at a 20″ inseam length, but they don’t anymore. I don’t know if they were testing the market to see what the demand actually was for inseam lengths that were that short or what… But I do know we had customers buying them. Here’s a little more about each brand that currently carries men’s short inseam lengths:

  1. Express: Express’ short men’s jeans start at a 28″ inseam length. The brand is high on style and trends. You can also find classics like bootcut and straight leg as well. This brand’s sales are typically buy-one-get-one 50% off. The price point is generally less than $90. Men’s inseam lengths go from 28-36 inches in 2-inch intervals.
  2. Old Navy: The length of Old Navy’s short men’s jeans start at 28 inches. Most jeans are under $40 and they are often on sale. Old Navy jeans range in inseam length from 28-36″ and go up 2 inches at a time.
  3. Gap: Gap is another men’s jean brand that goes from a 28″ inseam length to a 36″ inseam length in 2-inch increments. Most men’s jeans are under $80, though premium styles can cost over $100.
  4. Banana Republic: Banana Republic has a lot of men’s slim  and skinny jean styles right now. This brand starts its men’s short inseams at 28″ and goes up to a tall 36″ inseam.
  5. Lands’ End: Lands’ End is cool because the men’s jeans inseam lengths start at 26″ and go up by .25″. So you can order a pair of short men’s jeans with a 26″, 26.25″, 26.5″, 26.75″, 27″, 27.25″, 27.5″, 27.75″, or 28″ inseam. The inseams go all the way up to 36″, so tall men like this brand as well. This brand is high on quality and is periodically on sale.
  6. Levi’s: Good old Levi’s! I think everyone has owned a pair by this brand at one point or another. Some styles of Levi’s come in a men’s 28″ inseam length. It can be difficult to figure out which style is made in a shorter inseam length, but we make it easy at Just select your inseam length and set the brand you want to search for as Levi’s, and we’ll show you everything that matches your criteria.
Short men's jeans available at
Short men’s jeans available at

Have you found any other brands of men’s jeans that come in shorter inseam lengths less than 29″? If so, please tell us in the comments below. Thanks!

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Women’s Polar Fleece-Lined Pants

I got a lot of hits on a post I did about wearing these women’s polar fleece-lined pants in Iceland a couple weeks ago. I’ve worn them a bunch over the two years I’ve had them, so when Eddie Bauer had their Columbus Day sale, I snapped up another pair in a different color. I got to break in the new pair this last weekend when my family went hiking in Olympic National Park at Hurricane Ridge. The weather was supposed to be cool and sunny, so I thought they’d be perfect. I actually wound up getting too warm after we chose a trail with a pretty steep incline. Oops!

Back of women's polar fleece-lined pants
Back of women’s polar fleece-lined pants

My favorite thing about these pants is that they are fleece-lined on the inside. This feature keeps me warm – and I’m often cold.  They have a polyester/spandex exterior that blocks wind and light rain. That fabric combo makes them really comfortable and easy to move in – perfect for hiking! This new pair has a green fleece lining (pictured below) and green is my favorite color. 🙂 My old pair has a purple lining. Oh, did I mention the pockets are also lined with polar fleece?! I love that about them. I also love that these pants have tons of pockets. There are two front zippered pockets, two back Velcro pockets, and two Velcro cargo pockets on the legs. I have room for my keys, cards, chapstick, geocaches, or whatever.

Green polar fleece lining on women's polar fleece-lined pants
Green polar fleece lining on women’s polar fleece-lined pants

These women’s polar fleece-lined pants are available in 3 colors (black, gray, and storm) as well as 3 inseam lengths (29″ for petites, 32″ regular inseam, and 35″ tall inseam). Of course being that I’m 6′ tall, I bought the 35″ tall inseam length. 🙂 The tall size 6 fits me well. Eddie Bauer sizing runs a little big, since I’m normally a 30 in jeans. Sometimes Eddie Bauer is big in the waist on me, but these have no gaping issues.

Women's polar fleece-lined pants at Olympic National Park
Women’s polar fleece-lined pants at Olympic National Park

Get these pants or another great pair in your exact inseam length at

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Women’s Extra Long Yoga Pants on Sale Now

This pair of women’s extra long yoga pants are on sale now. Normally $20 (which is still a great deal!) they are just $15 right now. These mid-rise wide leg roll-over yoga pants come in four colors and three inseam lengths: 30″, 32″ and 36″. They are available at and Old Navy. Starting today, you can get 30% off your Old Navy purchase and 40% off your purchases of $100 or more. Use code ENJOY at checkout through October 17, 2018. Restrictions apply.

Old Navy Women’s Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Roll-Over Yoga Pants

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What to Wear with Tall Glossy Boots


What to wear with tall glossy boots

What to wear with tall glossy boots? Well, welcome to October! This is the month where we get to ask these kinds of questions. 🙂 Yesterday was sunny and today it’s all rain. I don’t mind, though. I find the rain comforting at this point in the year, and welcome the chance to be cozy. This is about the time when our boots and rain jackets go into almost daily use. I welcome a heavy rain because it gives me an excuse to wear my favorite boots!

I first saw these Women’s Hunter Original High Gloss Boots when we were in London five years ago. It seemed like all the fashionable women had them. And black was the only color I saw. Some were the tall glossy boots and some were short or matte. As soon as we got home from our trip, I looked into buying them. I quickly discovered they’d be the most expensive rain boots I’d ever considered! Was it worth it to pay over $100 for a pair of boots that would splash in puddles? I thought about it for months and was on the lookout for a sale. Different colors would go on sale from time to time, but not the shiny black ones I coveted. I finally bit the bullet and just ordered them.

For the first year, I kept track of how many times I wore them and calculated the cost per wear. I’ve now worn them dozens of times and my cost per wear decreases every time. I think it was a worthy splurge!

But anyway, what to wear with tall glossy boots like these? My go-to pants are skinny jeans like in the picture above, or a thicker legging. I find that a fitted pant tucks inside the boot well and is the most comfortable choice. Tighter pants also show off the beautiful high gloss boot! 😉 If you are in the market for some new leggings this fall, check out my review of these great $10 leggings from Amazon. They come in a ton of colors and plus sizes, too. Did I mention they are just $10? So really, you can’t go wrong. I talked them up to my mom and she bought a pair as well. She says hers are super soft and comfy, just like mine. She is 5’9″ and I am 6′ and they fit both of us. The leggings are very stretchy.

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Where to Buy Tall Jeans – Top 10 Websites – Updated

We just updated our buying guide: Where to Buy Tall Jeans – Top 10 Websites. Check it out below!

Have you googled words like tall jeans, long jeans, and extra-long jeans trying to find the best place to buy pants that fit a tall woman?  We’ve done it, and know it’s a frustrating experience. So… we’ve put together a great list of websites where you can buy tall jeans. Here are the top ten sites we recommend for tall women’s jeans – updated September 2018.

Where to Buy Tall Jeans - Top 10 Websites
Where to Buy Tall Jeans – Top 10 Websites

Where to Buy Tall Jeans

Here’s our list

Search By Inseam allows you to search for pants by your inseam length, whether that is 33 inches or 38 inches, or somewhere in between. There’s also helpful content on measuring your inseam so you can ensure a great fit. You’re able to narrow your shopping criteria by brand name, rise (low rise, mid rise, high rise) and by price range. You’ll find designer denim from Seven For All Mankind, AG, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and more, as well as less expensive tall jeans from Gap, Old Navy, Lands’ End, and more. Sign up for notifications when a new pair of pants is added to the site that fits your long inseam length.

Shopbop is one of our favorites for just-released trendy designer denim. The company does an excellent job of keeping their inventory fresh and fashionable, and they have periodic sales where you can snatch up bargains. This is one of the few places we regularly see 38-inch inseams, and consistently see 36 and 37-inch inseams. Tall designer maternity jeans are also available. Shipping and returns are always free. Shopbop is an Amazon-owned company and Prime benefits apply.

Express shows off seasonal trends in denim. Their long length is typically a 35-inch inseam, though lengths can vary depending on the style. Shipping is free when you spend over $50. Long length Express-branded pants are also available.

Lands’ End stocks tall women’s jeans in 36-inch inseams. They are usually under $80 and the quality is high. Shipping offers change periodically.

Gap has done a good job of adding new jean lengths for tall women lately – and even some tall maternity jeans! We’ve seen inseams of 34, 34.5, 35, 36, 36.5, 37, and sometimes 38 inches. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on all orders.

Eddie Bauer has a decent selection of jeans in their Tall Shop. Their tall inseam length is normally 36-inches and the jeans are priced at $90 or below. Shipping offers change periodically and the quality is good.

Banana Republic offers women’s tall jeans in inseam lengths of 33-37 inches. They usually don’t make you hunt for the inseam length like Old Navy sometimes does (more on that below); most of the time it’s clearly spelled out in the Fit & Sizing box or under Product Details. Like Gap and Old Navy, shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

Old Navy starts their tall women’s jeans at a 33.5-inch inseam, and they go up to a 36-inch inseam. If the inseam isn’t listed in the product details, you’ll have to hunt for it in two different tall sizing charts, and then try to guess which is right – unfortunately, sometimes both are incorrect. Tall maternity jeans usually have a 34″ inseam. Shipping is free on orders over $50 and returns are always free.

Nordstrom carries a good selection of designer and mid-priced junior and women’s jeans. You can often find tall maternity jeans as well. Shipping and returns are free. Some products are available for in-store pickup.

Long Tall Sally carries extra long jeans and pants in inseams of 34”, 35”, 36”, 37” and even the hard-to-find 38”!

Tall jeans from all of these sellers and more are available at Search By Inseam, making it a great site to easily find your inseam and do quick comparison shopping. Check our blog for product reviews, sales and coupon codes.

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Labor Day Sales and Free Express Shipping

There are some great Labor Day sales and free express shipping deals going on this weekend! Shop early for the best selection. You can squeeze in a little online shopping between your end of summer camping trip, backyard BBQ, back to school shopping extravaganza and fair time, right? Of course you can!

Want 40% off everything on one site without having to mess around with any promo codes? Then shop online retailer Express this holiday weekend and get 40% off jeans, pants, shorts, and everything else for women and men. Some restrictions do apply to this offer. Shipping is free when you spend at least $50.  These Express Low Rise Piped Barely Boot Editor Pants are just $47.94 after the automatically applied discount of 40% off. The dress pants come in 4 colors (burgundy, tan, olive and brown) and 3 inseam lengths: 30″ inseam for petites, 33″ inseam for regular length, and 35″ inseam for long length. (Me? I need the tall 35″ inseam length.)

You can also head over to Banana Republic for Labor Day Sales and free express shipping, too. Everything is automatically marked down 40% (through September 2nd), plus an additional 10% (through September 1st). If you’d like free express shipping on your order (and who wouldn’t?!) of $100+, just apply the promo code BRSHIP when you check out. You’ll get your order in just 2-3 days. Restrictions do apply and this offer runs through September 3, 2018.

Find more men’s and women’s jeans, pants and shorts in every length at Follow our blog at for real-time deals and specials, just like these Labor Day sales and free express shipping promo.

Great Labor Day sales and free express shipping deals: Express Low Rise Piped Barely Boot Editor Pant in 30", 33" and 35" inseam lengths.
Great Labor Day sales and free express shipping deals. Express Low Rise Piped Barely Boot Editor Pant in 30″, 33″ and 35″ inseam lengths.


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40% off at Gap and Banana Republic

Whoa! Get 40% off at Gap and Banana Republic right now. Aren’t you needing some new fall clothes anyway? Just because you’re not going back to school yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of back to school specials. Gap and Banana Republic have some great new pieces for fall. (Denim and blazers, anyone?) And you know my favorite thing about Gap and Banana Republic? They both have women’s tall sizes that are truly tall! Yesss! 🙂

So here are the promo code details for Gap and Banana Republic:

Take 40% off at Gap with the promo code THANKS. Restrictions apply. Offer ends tomorrow, August 22, 2018. You can also get an extra 10% off everything with the promo code STYLE through August 22, 2018. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

And get 40% off sale items at Banana Republic now through August 24, 2018. Have your eye on a regular-priced item instead? Get 20% off that regular-priced item through August 28, 2018. Restrictions apply. You can also get an extra 10% off everything by using the promo code STYLE through August 22, 2018. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

Got your interest, but wondering what to buy? A great pair of dark wash denim is the perfect investment for fall. We’ve sold several pairs of these dark wash Gap Mid Rise Baby Boot Jeans in an extra long 37″ inseam lately. They also come in a 30″ inseam for petite shoppers, as well as a regular inseam length of 32.5″. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. Shop for even more inseam lengths and brands. And visit our blog for reviews on jeans, other sales and fashion tips. Happy shopping!

Get up to 40% off at Gap and Banana Republic right now
Get up to 40% off at Gap and Banana Republic right now
Plus-size Maternity Jeans

Plus-size Maternity Jeans – Up to size 24

Plus-size maternity jeans are really tough to find! I was so surprised when I came across this pair of plus-size maternity jeans today.  I just had to post about them on the blog! These Good Mama Honeymoon Low Rise Maternity Skinny Jeans from Good American come in sizes 00 to 24. That’s quite a range of sizes! They have a low rise with stretchy panels at the waist. If you’ve tried full-panel maternity jeans and found the panel itchy on your belly, give a low-rise panel pair like these a try instead. These are also comfortable and supportive if your baby bump is still small or you’ve delivered and can’t yet fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. They have a versatile medium wash and popular skinny leg. The inseam on these jeans is 30″. This would be a good inseam length for me (if I was pregnant!) since these are designed to hit around the ankle bone. My typical inseam length for bootcut jeans is 34.5-35″.

If you need another inseam length or style of maternity jeans, see all our maternity jeans here at

These plus-size maternity jeans go up to a size 24!
These plus-size maternity jeans go up to a size 24!
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50% off at Gap Plus an Extra 20% off

Looking for a great deal on some new spring clothes? I’ve got one for you! Get up to 50% off at Gap plus an extra 20% off with the code GOFORIT. Restrictions apply. Offer ends Monday, March 5, 2018. Wondering what to buy? How about these classic Gap Mid Rise Baby Boot Jeans in a great dark wash? They come in three different inseam lengths: 30″ for petites, 32.5″ for regular inseam lengths, and a long 37″ inseam for tall women. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. Happy shopping!