Kid too tall for children’s jeans?

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?
Is your kid too tall for children’s jeans?

Is your kid too tall for children’s jeans all of a sudden? It sneaks up on you for sure! We are just starting to hit that point with my 12-year-old son. For years, he always wore the same size clothing as his age. But at some point, he started moving through the sizes faster than that, and now he’s needing jeans and pants that are in the 14-16 size range. And I think another growth spurt is just around the corner! 😉

My husband and I are both tall, and he’s on the taller end of the growth chart, too, so it won’t be long before our kid is too tall for children’s jeans and pants. What then? I’m a planner and I like to shop sales and buy ahead whenever I can. So I started looking around online, and found that there were actually some retailers that went up to a kid size 20! Whew! We have a few more years (I hope!) until we need to start buying him adult jeans and pants.

Currently, we shop at a few online stores for children’s clothes. Hanna Andersson has been one of our favorites for hand-me-down quality, but they usually only go up to a size 12 for pants. Sometimes you can find 14-16, but usually that is just for tops. We like the boys’ pants and fleece at Carter’s and Eddie Bauer – and both of these stores go up to a children’s size 14. The Children’s Place carries sizes up to size 16, and that’s been a good place for kid ski pants, athletic pants, warm fleece pants, and sherpa hoodies. (Both my boys are crazy for sherpa hoodies!) We buy kid sizes up to 18 at Stitch Fix, Gap, and Old Navy. And Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon, and Lands’ End actually go up to a kid size 20!

Oh and in case you are looking for footed pajamas for bigger kids (both my boys still want them!), we have several pairs from Footed Pajamas and like them. After you top out at a kid size XL, you can easily go into adult footed pajamas that are based on height.

So what happens after a kid’s size 20? You enter the brave new world of adult sizing! For joggers and some other types of pants, you just start at an XS size. If your kid is skinny, get pants that have a working drawstring. For jeans, you’re going to need to measure your inseam. Once you know your inseam, shop at Search By Inseam for the exact length you need. Where are we getting our shortest jeans? With ankle length styles being so popular right now, it’s easier than ever to find a shorter inseam for your teen or kid who’s too tall for children’s sizes. You can read our blog post on Short Men’s Jeans or check our buying guide for women’s petite/short inseams.

When your kid is too tall for children’s jeans anymore, don’t panic. Yes, you can grieve that your little one is growing up – that is normal. But after that, you can move on into the adult section, where XS sizes are often on clearance! 😉

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Black-owned Companies that Make Affordable Jeans and Pants

In recognition of Juneteenth this weekend, I’m sharing a few great Black-owned companies that make affordable jeans and pants. By affordable, I mean items that are around $100 or less. In researching this post, I came across a number Black-owned companies that have super cool clothes, but you need to be willing and able to pay $500+ for a pair of sweatpants. 😉 So, I’m keeping this list to 7 Black-owned companies that make jeans and pants for around $100 or less. I try to carry as many Black-owned companies on Search By Inseam as I can, but not all of these have affiliate marketing programs that let me feature their goods on my site. Here are 7 affordable Black-owned brands worth supporting! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Based in my hometown of Redmond, WA and run by the older brother of my son’s classmate, Live A True Life makes thoughtfully designed high-quality cotton fleece pants. There’s even a hidden phone sleeve inside each of the front pockets to help with phone slide! Inseams are noted, which of course I love, and there’s free standard shipping in 3-5 days. You’ll also find great hoodies, t-shirts and shoes.

Live A True Life Sweatpants
Live A True Life Sweatpants


The Good American company makes jeans with a contoured gap-proof waistband that curvy women adore! This brand offers a large selection of jeans in regular and plus-sizes we sell on Search By Inseam. Founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, this Black-owned company makes affordable jeans and pants in Los Angeles in sizes 0-24. Find Good American jeans here and make sure to check out their leggings and sweatpants, too! We sell Good American through our partnership with Nordstrom and you’ll find even more styles there (we can only feature those items with listed inseams).

Good Good American Good Legs Chewed Hem Ankle Skinny JeansAmerican Good Legs Chewed Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans
Good American Good Legs Chewed Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans


Carrots By Anwar Carrots makes sweatpants, hoodies, rugby shirts, t-shirts, shoes and more. We carry their sweatpants, which run around $80 and are made in the USA, on Search By Inseam and sell them through our partnership with Nordstrom. They are 100% cotton and you’ll get free shipping and free returns. Shop Carrots by Anwar Carrots sweatpants here.

Carrots by Anwar Carrots Warriors Sweatpants


Will Smith is the founder of the Bel-Air Athletics company, which was inspired by his 90’s hit sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The sweats, shirts and hoodies are made of colorful, soft cotton and are classic and preppy. Find Bel-Air Athletics sweatpants here, and other items on Nordstrom.

Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants
Men’s Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants


Poetic Justice is one of the most affordable Black-owned businesses making jeans and pants right now. We sell their stylish plus-size jeans here – each pair well under $100! In sizes 4-24, this brand is an expert at designing for curvy women with a narrow waist. This Black-owned company knows how to solve the dreaded problem of back waistband gap, and their jeans are fun and trendy. Shop here for plus-size Poetic Justice jeans and get free shipping and free returns.

Plus Women's Poetic Justice Zaire Laser Cut Stud Skinny Jeans
Plus Women’s Poetic Justice Zaire Laser Cut Stud Skinny Jeans


Looking for colorful, fun, beautiful, unique pieces? Zelie for She is designed and produced in Los Angeles by designer Elann Zelie. All of her designs are made in a limited run, which means you won’t see a lot of other people wearing the same thing you have on! We sell some of her pretty pants on Search by Inseam. Click here to see what’s currently available. Plus sizes 14-24. Items ship within 2-4 days.

Zelie For She Sedona Leisure Wide Leg Pants
Zelie For She Sedona Leisure Wide Leg Pants


The Black-owned Icecream company sells men’s jeans, sweatpants, shorts, hoodies, jackets, and playful graphic t-shirts. Company founder is Pharrell Williams, lead vocalist of the band N.E.R.D. Shop here for men’s Iceream jeans and here for men’s Icecream sweatpants. Free shipping and free returns, because who doesn’t love ice cream? 🙂

Men’s Icecream Running Dog Jeans


Do you know of any other Black-owned companies that made affordable jeans and pants? If so, please comment below.

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