Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be?

I'll admit that I was late to board the skinny jean train. I just bought my first pair a year ago. I wasn't sure how long they should be, but it didn't really matter since I thought I was only going to wear them with tall boots. As time went on though, I started thinking skinny jeans looked cute with flats and booties and I wondered what length of skinny jean looked best with those types of shoes. After some research (reading online articles and comparing pictures of models in skinny jeans), it was clear that skinny jeans should be shorter than other jean styles. Whether you wear them with heels, flats, or booties, skinny jeans are most flattering when the hem stops around your ankle bone. If you already have a pair of skinny jeans that are too long (like mine), try cuffing them at the ankle bone or tuck them into a pair of ankle booties. If you've yet to buy your new pair of skinny jeans, get someone to help you measure the exact length you need and read on for step-by-step instructions and a how-to picture. (I did this with my husband and was really surprised to find out what my skinny jean inseam was!)

  1. You need two people to measure your skinny jean inseam properly. So first thing first, go and grab someone to help you!
  2. Wearing jeans, hold the 0" end of a flexible measuring tape (available at any craft or sewing supply store – or get this cute pink one at Amazon) against the inseam crotch seam and stand up straight.
  3. Have the person helping you carefully measure the distance to the inside of your ankle bone, making sure to keep the tape flat and tight. The number will likely be several inches shorter than your normal inseam length (e.g. I need a 35" inseam with bootcut jeans but a 31" inseam with skinny jeans that hit at my ankle bone!).  
  4. Use this new number as your skinny jean inseam length and shop at SearchByInseam.com for your new pair of skinny jeans that are just the right length!

Measuring my skinny jean inseam

Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Hem Jeans

I recently got an email from Maile, who told me she'd written an article about How to Hem Jeans. In the article, she mentions how to measure your inseam, how to hem using a sewing machine, how to hem by hand, how to hem with the original hem, and how to hem skinny jeans. The post has helpful step-by-step instructions and pictures. Plus, she mentions Search By Inseam. Thanks, Maile! :) Check it out!


Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Wear Wide Crops (Culottes, Clamdiggers, Floods)

How does one wear the new Wide Crops spring is bringing? InStyle had some great tips in this month’s issue. Here’s a summary: 

While lengths vary widely, the most flattering is an inch above your ankle. Boxy tops and jackets help balance the width of the pants. And although the crops were shown with both flats and heels on the runway, go with heels if you’re petite since wide pants can overwhelm your figure. (InStyle, March 2014, p. 384)

Where to Buy Tall Jeans

Where to Buy Long Jeans Now – Top 10 Websites

Our most popular page on the site has just been updated! Find out what the new top ten websites are for buying long jeans.


Have you googled words like tall jeans, long jeans, and extra-long jeans trying
to find the best place to buy pants that fit a tall woman?  We've done it,
and know it's a frustrating experience.  Here are the top ten sites we
recommend for tall women's jeans:

Search By Inseam allows you to
search for pants by your inseam length, whether that is 33 inches or 38 inches,
or somewhere in between. There's also helpful content on measuring your inseam
so you can ensure a great fit. You're able to narrow your shopping criteria by
brand name and by price range. You'll find designer denim from Seven For All
Mankind, AG, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and more, as well as less
expensive tall jeans from Gap, Old Navy, and Mossimo. Sign up for
notifications when a new pair of pants is added to the site that fits your long

is one of our favorites for just-released stylish designer denim. The company
does an excellent job of keeping their inventory fresh and fashionable, and they have periodic sales where you can
snatch up bargains. This is one of the few places we regularly see 38-inch
inseams, and consistently see 36 and 37-inch inseams. Tall designer maternity jeans are also available. Shipping and returns are always free.

Boot Barn is designed for true cowgirls, but you can find urban-friendly jeans here as well. It's a great place for quality 36" and 38" inseam jeans that are made to wear with boots.

has done a good job of adding new jean lengths for tall women lately – and even some tall maternity jeans! We've seen
inseams of 34, 34.5, 35, 36, 36.5, 37, and sometimes 38 inches. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on all orders.

Piperlime is part of the Gap family and carries a good selection of designer jeans. The site doesn't allow you to search for tall or long lengths, but they are mixed in with everything else. Shipping and returns are free.

Banana Republic offers tall jeans in inseam lengths of 33-37 inches. They don't make you hunt for the inseam length like Old Navy does (more on that below); it's right in the product details. You'll get free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns all the time.

Old Navy
starts their tall women's jeans at a 33.5-inch inseam, and they go up to a 36-inch inseam. If the inseam isn't listed in the product details, you'll have to hunt for it in two different tall sizing charts, and then try to guess which is right – unfortunately, sometimes both are incorrect. Tall maternity jeans have a 34" inseam. Shipping is free on orders over $50 and returns are always free.

Nordstrom carries a good selection of designer and mid-priced junior and women's jeans, and you can often find tall maternity jeans as well. Shipping and returns are free. 

lists their 35-inch and 37-inch inseam options on the left
navigation pane, which makes it easy to shop if either of those happen to be your length. Jeans are under $50, so it's a good place to shop if you're tall and on a budget. Do be warned that their target customer is a teenager, and the jeans are very low-rise. Plus sizes are available in a good number of jeans.

shows 34, 36, and 37-inch inseams on their left navigation pane as well (Alloy and dELiA*s are sister sites). Their jeans are also under $50 and designed for teenage bodies.

Tall jeans from all of these sellers and more are available at
Search By Inseam, making it a great
site to easily find your inseam and do quick comparison shopping

Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Keep your White Jeans Pristine

July’s issue of Real Simple magazine has some good tips on caring for your white jeans (p. 96). Since they are the perfect summer staple, it pays to put a bit more effort into keeping them pristine. Of course, if you haven't yet found the perfect pair of white jeans, head over to SearchByInseam.com.

1.    Before the first wear, spray all over with Scotchgard to ward off stains.

2.    Be careful about pairing your jeans with a dark indigo jacket or a bright canvas handbag. Dyes may rub off on the white denim.

3.    Wear just once or twice between washings. Overwearing without laundering causes a grayish tint.

4.    Wash with other whites in warm water. Don’t overload the machine, since that can keep garments from rinsing thoroughly, and detergent residue can lead to yellowing.

5.    If the jeans are still dingy after washing, soak them in warm water with a capful of color-safe bleach for 30 minutes.


Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Keep Jeans from Fading

Just got through my June issue of InStyle and found these tips on keeping your jeans from fading (p. 162):

  1. Wash in cold water on a gentle setting. The general rule is every four wears, but the longer you can go, the better.
  2. Since indigo dye comes off when it rubs against other items, turn your pants inside out when laundering. (One dye-setting trick: Mix a solution of 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar with a pinch of baking soda and add to your machine cycle instead of detergent.)
  3. Ideally, hang dry. If you can't wait, tumble dry on low heat, then press with an iron along the waistband, pockets, and side seams to prevent puckering.
Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Look Thinner in Jeans

I was just reading through my March InStyle Magazine last night, and came across a good tip that I thought was worth sharing.  In her new book, "How to Never Look Fat Again," author Charla Krupp gives the following advice about denim:

"Pick simple, unadorned denim.  Clean, streamlined jeans are the way to go.  The most flattering styles are dark and feature unembellished pockets.  Avoid extra details that catch the eye and give the illusion of bulk – think twice about tags, grommets, or decorative extras.  The leanest silhouettes of all: boot cut and straight leg" (InStyle, March 2010, p. 248).

Where to Buy Tall Jeans

How to Keep Your Pants Tucked into Your Boots

Just got my January issue of Real Simple and noticed a cool new product called the Kuza Strap (p. 44).  Like suspenders for your pants, the straps work to keep everything tucked neatly into your boots or wellies.  They're adjustable and come in 3 cute designs.  $16 for a set.  Check them out if your pants keep bunching up when you tuck them in.