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We’re in Shape Magazine!

Shape Magazine wrote a nice blurb about Search By Inseam in October’s issue!  Here’s the replay:

Smarty Pants

It’s easier than ever to find a perfect-fitting pair of jeans.  Fashion insiders have long used searchbyinseam.com, which surfs the Web for e-tailers that offer pants, jeans, and leggings with your exact inseam measurements.  Now the site will also sort your favorite brands of jeans (ranging from Earnest Sewn to Gap) based on the rise you want (low, mid, or high), ensuring fewer returns – and costly trips to the tailor (October 2008, p. 84).

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We’re in InStyle Magazine!

A month ago, Search By Inseam was mentioned in Oprah’s popular O Magazine as a great resource for petite shoppers.  This month, we got a great write-up in the March issue of InStyle magazine!  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Q & A piece in Grace Lee’s "Figure Flattery" article, page 226. 

Q. Whenever I buy pants online, they never seem to fit.  Suggestions?

A. Shopping for clothes online can be tricky, especially when it comes to pants ("Too tight in the butt!" "Too roomy at the waist!" "What’s the deal with this crotch?"). Fortunately, searchbyinseam.com makes it easy to land the perfect pair. Just type in the style of pants you’re looking for, followed by your inseam size, favorite brands and a price point. Click, and in just a few seconds a selection of pants-all following your specifications-will appear. When you’re done browsing and ready to pull out the plastic, a link will take you to a retailer site.    

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We’re in Oprah Magazine!

Next time you’re standing in the checkout line, flip to page 78 of Oprah’s O Magazine (February 2008 issue).  At the very bottom, you’ll find Search By Inseam highlighted as a destination for petite shoppers.  The article “Style and the Short Woman” states, “On-line buys that measure up are a click away at searchbyinseam.com” (p. 78).  I am thrilled to be mentioned as a great resource for petite clothing in such a respected and widely read publication as O Magazine.  I think we have an outstanding site for women who have trouble finding pants that really fit, and I’m pleased to be recognized in Oprah’s magazine.  Click here to read the full press release titled: Oprah Magazine Recommends Search By Inseam To Petite Shoppers.

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I’m Quitting My Day Job

July 23rd will mark my first day as a Search By Inseam full-timer!  I’ve got a wish list a mile long, and I’ll finally have time to work on it.  What’s in store?  Well, the thing I’ve been hearing most lately is that women want to be able to buy work/dress pants on the site, and that’s near the top of my list.  I’d also like to add some new sellers, products, and content; new behind-the-scenes tools to make adding & removing products easier for me; and community and marketing work so more women can find out about the site.  Let me know if you have other ideas to add my wish list – email contactus@searchbyinseam.com.    

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The Search By Inseam Story

Welcome to my very first post on my very first blog! 

My name is Corrinne Henderson, and I officially launched Search By Inseam (www.searchbyinseam.com) in December 2006.  I’m a tall woman and I usually have to buy my pants online to get them long enough.  I got fed up with having to click through detail pages and size charts (and sometimes having to email customer service) to find out what the inseam length was on particular pair of jeans.  I needed a site where I could enter my inseam and the brands I like, and easily find a bunch of great pants to compare.  That’s how the idea for Search By Inseam was born, and I’m pleased to have solved at least that personal problem! 🙂 

The site’s target market is tall women like me, but as I was telling petite friends about my idea, they said they had a tough time finding pants short enough.  So, I thought it would be good to include them in the concept, too.  And since I was already combing through tons of pants to find tall and short, I decided to categorize everything and include regular length, plus sizes, and maternity as well.  My hope is that Search By Inseam becomes a place where women of all sizes can easily find pants that fit them.  I’m big on saving time and money, while also finding exactly what I’m looking for.  Over time, I want the site to make all those things possible, so I’m working hard on expanding the selection. 

Well, that’s a bit about me, and a bit about Search By Inseam.  I plan to use this blog to talk about the site/business, shopping, and of course great jeans!