Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

Tall Maternity Jeans in 3 Inseam Lengths

Several tall pregnant women emailed me in the last few weeks looking for tall maternity jeans. And I’ve had nothing to show them longer than a 33″ inseam! So frustrating! Today I looked in my data feed and was thrilled to see this new pair! These tall maternity jeans in 34″, 36″ and 38″ inseam lengths are a gift to many. They fill a big need we’ve had on for the past couple months while we’ve waited for sellers to replenish their tall maternity jeans. Why the gap when there’s such an obvious need? I’ll never know. It’s tough to find tall clothing as it is. But tall maternity clothing? That’s even harder to find…

This pair of tall skinny maternity jeans comes in 3 inseam lengths of 34″, 36″ and even 38″. If you’ve been looking for tall maternity jeans that are longer than 33″, I’d snap these up in both colors, since these long lengths can be really tough to find. The denim is ultra-stretchy and comes in both blue and black colors. The black jeans look like they could pass for pants, so you could easily wear them almost anywhere. Dress them up with heels or boots; go casual with sandals, sneakers, or any type of flat. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the belly panel looks like a full panel design. I’m basing that off the picture below since the white shirt seems to show a black full panel beneath it.

Looking for plus size maternity jeans? These come in even sizes from 4 to 20, so they fit a wide range of bodies!

Tall Maternity Jeans in 34", 36" and 38" Inseam Lengths
Tall Maternity Jeans in 34″, 36″ and 38″ Inseam Lengths

I remember being pregnant a few years ago (10 and 7 years ago now!) and searching for tall maternity jeans that would actually be long enough for my 35″ inseam length. My searching lasted for months until I was finally able to find a pair. They were designer maternity jeans from Citizens and I paid $180 for them! I wore them all the time for both of my pregnancies and loved them so much! I gave them to my sister-in-law when she became pregnant with my nephew a few years later.

For me, the high price point was worth it. The cost per wear was actually pretty low by the time I had my second child. When I tried on other less expensive maternity jeans, the panel slipped down and the seams didn’t hit me in the right places. With the less expensive options, I also sacrificed length. Designer maternity jeans were my only option for a 35″ inseam length.

For these jeans above, remember that they are a skinny jean. The inseam length for a skinny jean is different than with a boot cut jean, wide leg jean or straight leg jean. I wrote this blog post to help answer the question How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be? I wear a 35″ inseam boot cut jean, but only a 31″ inseam skinny jean. So, you may be able to go several inches shorter if you choose a skinny jean.

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