Jeans and Pants for the Fall Season

Evidently, it’s officially autumn! It’s sweater weather! I’m putting away my shorts and sizing up jeans and pants for the fall season. The weather changed quite suddenly here in the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve certainly plunged into cooler temperatures and rain. I don’t know about you, but after I’m done back to school shopping for my kids, I feel like it’s my turn for a closet refresh! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fall is such a great time for new clothes. The rich colors of these pants remind me of fall’s changing leaves: yellows, reds, browns and greens. As a matter of fact, we have all of these pants and jeans (and more!) at, where you’ll find short and tall inseams – and everything in-between for men and women of all sizes. Not sure what inseam length you need? Watch our new video on how to measure your inseam.

Firstly, these Tall Alina Wide Pants are a beautiful mustard yellow, which is a great color for fall. They have an extra long inseam length of 37″ and come in women’s sizes S-XXL. More colors are also available.

Tall Alina Wide Leg Pants
Tall Alina Wide Leg Pants

Corduroy is a classic fall fabric, and these men’s Cooper Straight Leg Corduroy Pants in Curry are going fast! They would be perfect men’s attire for a fall family photoshoot because of their rich curry color. Check out Seattle Family Photographer Ling Ling Zheng‘s blog post for more fall family photo outfit inspiration. These men’s cords come in inseam lengths of 32″ and 34″. More colors are also available.

Cooper Straight Leg Corduroy Pants in Curry
Cooper Straight Leg Corduroy Pants in Curry

Another great color for fall is dark green, as can be seen in these men’s Obey Easy Cord Pants in Dark Cedar.ย  They have a comfortable elastic waist and an inseam length of 29.25″.

Obey Easy Cord Pants
Obey Easy Cord Pants

Next to corduroy, leather is also a popular fabric for fall. And if you’re trying to be animal-friendly, want a low-maintenance fabric, or just on a budget, faux leather is the way to go! These Tall Khaki Green Stretch Leather Look Leggings are fun, unique and come in 34″ and 36″ inseam lengths.

Tall Khaki Green Stretch Leather Look Leggings
Tall Khaki Green Stretch Leather Look Leggingsย 

Rust is another great color for fall and I love it in these ribbed flare stretch pants! These come in a 33″ inseam and can be dressed up or down; they’re super versatile.

Ribbed Flare Stretch Pant
Ribbed Flare Stretch Pantย ย 

Brown can be such a warm and rich color. It’s softer than black and is perfect for fall. These Tall High Waist Flare Dress Pants in Brown have an extra long inseam length of 37″. More colors available in sizes XS-XXL.

Tall High Waist Flare Dress Pants for Women in Brown
Tall High Waist Flare Dress Pants for Women in Brown

As far as jeans go, I love dark wash denim and fun colors for fall. These men’s Skinny Caramel Brown Hyper Stretch Jeans are an unexpected shade of brown. They would be great for a causal office, dinner date, football game or family photoshoot. Men’s inseam lengths come in 30″, 32″ and 34″.

Skinny Caramel Brown Hyper Stretch Jeans
Skinny Caramel Brown Hyper Stretch Jeans

Dark wash denim is classic and classy. Furthermore, a pair of straight leg or bootcut jeans in a great navy hue will never go out of style. These Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jeans come in over 20 shades of blue, inseam lengths of 30″, 32″, 34″ and 36″ and regular and plus sizes.

Wrangler Women's Retro Mae Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean
Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean

Finally, if you’re in the market for maternity jeans this fall (BTW congratulations!!), check out these dark wash Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Maternity Boot Cut Jeans. They come in two colors and 30″, 32″, 34″ and 36″ inseams. Visit for more maternity jeans in hard to find inseam lengths.

Wrangler Women's Retro Mae Maternity Boot Cut Jean
Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Maternity Boot Cut Jean

Do you think you would you wear any of these jeans and pants for the fall season? Tell us whether you would or not in the comments below!

How to Measure Inseam Video

I’ve been wanting to make a how to measure inseam video for months now, and finally got around to it! Since it’s summer, both my kids are around during the day and I needed their extra hands to film and edit this video. My husband also helped with the editing, so it was a whole family project. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, why does inseam matter? Knowing the length of your legs is one of the most important measurements that will help you find a great fit. Just like waist and hip measurements, inseam length determines whether you’ll wind up with highwater pants, hemlines that drag on the ground, or a perfect fit. While you can buy jeans and pants that are too long and take them to the tailor for professional hemming, shopping for your exact inseam length will save you time, energy and money. Who doesn’t want that?! If you’d like more information about tailoring, check out this post about how to find a good and inexpensive tailor. But if you’d like to find the perfect length for you without dealing with a tailor, keep reading.

As this how to measure inseam video shows, you want to start with a pair of jeans or pants that fit you well in length. You’ll also need a measuring tape. Any kind will work, but the flexible sewing measuring tapes are easiest for this task. Here’s a cute pink sewing measuring tape on Amazon, if you don’t already have one. Now take the jeans and lay them flat on a table or the floor. Smooth them out and turn them so you can see the inside seam on one of the legs. Use the measuring tape to carefully measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. This number (in inches) is your inseam length. After you know this important number, use it to shop for your exact inseam length at

How to measure inseam video
How to measure inseam video

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below!

Our New Website is Live!

After months of hard work and lots of late nights, our new website is live! Hooray! The last major update to the site was all the way back in 2014, so it was time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since over half of our customers are shopping on their phones now, I talked to the graphic designer I worked with on the last update and told him I wanted the new site to be way more mobile-friendly. He suggested I look at Shopify because it can automatically resize the website to any phone, tablet, or laptop. And anytime a new size of phone comes out, it will incorporate that as well. So Search By Inseam is now running on Shopify and so far, so good. This blog is still on a WordPress platform, in case that is interesting to anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Search By Inseam's new header image
Search By Inseam‘s new header image

The new header image is a compilation of models from our different sellers. I looked for happy, smiling models that were more representative of our customer base. It was really hard to find any models who were smiling! Why do most models look so serious?? This is the first time we’ve had a male model on the homepage, too, so that’s fun. Search By Inseam is the best place for women and men to find jeans and pants in their exact inseam length, and I wanted the main photo to convey that. It was a fun treasure hunt for me to search for models of different genders and backgrounds wearing a mix of jeans and pants.

Also new and super cool in this build of Search By Inseam is the addition of women-owned small businesses in our product offering. In the past, we’ve only had jeans and pants from major brands, so this is really exciting! One of our new sellers is both woman-owned and Black-owned, which is doubly special. TJL Collection is “where fashion, fit and length meet.” Run by Tiffany Jones-Lewis, who stands 6’1″ tall, you’ll find extra long inseam lengths of 37″ and 38″. Her creations are colorful, fresh, and fun, and even include tall jumpsuits! How hard are those to find anywhere else?

Another woman-own small business we’re now featuring is The Elevated Closet. Owned and operated by Jordan Smith, a 6’4″ former WNBA player, the mission of The Elevated Closet is “to empower all women to follow their dreams with confidence and style!” For 10% off your first order, use the link above (or any Elevated Closet product link on Search By Inseam) and use the code SEARCHBYINSEAM at checkout.

These great changes make me super excited about our new website! Our goal remains the same: to help women and men of all sizes quickly and easily find jeans and pants that fit well. We’ve already helped thousands of customers find tall, petite, short, average, maternity, and plus-size bottoms, and our new website will enable us to help even more people. Please check out our new digs and comment below with your feedback!

It’s Time to Shop for Shorts!

It’s rainy and 42 degrees here in Seattle right now, but it’s time to shop for shorts! ๐Ÿ™‚ Early spring is the best time to shop for shorts because stores are stocking up for Spring Break and have a great selection. Some stores are even running sales on their shorts to get their inventory moving! I’m seeing lots of colors and trends, and wanted to share those with you. I’ll also tell you how to figure out which shorts inseam is best for you.

I love all the colors I’m seeing in shorts right now, and I wanted to see if I could make a rainbow of shorts for this post. It was tough to find purple, but red through blue was pretty easy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First up, we have a red bike short from Old Navy. Bike shorts are great for biking (duh), but they also work well for yoga, running, or wearing under a skirt. Bike shorts tend to have a longer inseam length, and this pair comes in 3 different lengths: 7.25″, 8″ and 9.25″. They are often made from compression material and are great at holding you in. Look for features such as tag-free and moisture-wicking.

Old Navy Bike Shorts 8" inseam
Old Navy Bike Shorts 8″ inseam


Athletic shorts have also been a trend in recent years. Wear these for anything athletic, or simply to hang out in when the weather warms up. I wear shorts like this daily in the summer because they are so lightweight and comfortable. These bright orange shorts from Buckle are a bit longer in the back, which is super nice for extra coverage when you’re active.

Buckle Orange Shorts 3" inseam
Buckle Orange Shorts 3″ inseam


For yellow , I found this cheery pair of Juicy Couture Yellow French Terry Sweat Shorts from Nordstrom. These shorts show off the high waist trend we’ve seen a lot in the last couple years. Sweat shorts are also making a comeback, with their soft lining and laid back vibe. With a 7″ inseam, these shorts fall in-between Bermuda knee-length shorts and short athletic shorts, which might feel too modest for some, but perfect for others who want a bit longer coverage.


Juicy Couture Yellow French Terry Sweat Shorts 7" inseam
Juicy Couture Yellow French Terry Sweat Shorts 7″ inseam


Green is my favorite color, and I love the tie waist on these paperbag shorts from Buckle. To wear the paperbag shorts trend well, it helps to have a defined waist and be comfortable tucking your shirt in. Tucking your shirt in allows you to really show off the cute waist details. Many shorts in this trend feature very short inseam lengths, like this 2.25″ inseam below.

Buckle Green Paperbag Shorts 2.25" inseam
Buckle Green Paperbag Shorts 2.25″ inseam


These teal shorts from Eddie Bauer are great for outdoor adventures or casual pursuits close to home. They offer sun protection and are made from stretchy nylon with a little bit of spandex. The regular inseam length is 7 inches; the petite inseam length is 6.5 inches; the tall inseam length is 7.5 inches, and the women’s plus inseam length is 7 inches. This is a good length for casual shorts and hiking shorts.

Eddie Bauer Teal Shorts 7" inseam
Eddie Bauer Teal Shorts 7″ inseam


Jean shorts are always in style, and this year is no different. This medium indigo wash jean short from Silver Jeans has a shorter 4″ inseam that’s perfect for hanging out. It features a mid-rise which is good for either tucking your shirt in or leaving it out. Distressing is fairy heavy on these jean shorts, making them good for casual days.

Silver Jeans Suki Short 4" inseam
Silver Jeans Suki Short 4″ inseam


And finally, we make it to the end of the rainbow with purple shorts! ๐Ÿ™‚ These high waisted purple shorts from Express have a short 3.5 inch inseam length and look best with a tucked-in top. Their shape and tailoring make them a dressier option, and they’d be great with heels or wedge sandals.

Express High Waisted Purple Shorts 3.5" inseam
Express High Waisted Purple Shorts 3.5″ inseam


Which colors and styles are your favorite shorts to wear? If you’re not sure about what inseam length would be best for you, follow the steps listed inย how to measure your inseam length and just use shorts instead of jeans. The same rules apply. Now that you know early spring is the best time to shop for shorts, get shopping at where you can find the exact inseam length you want!