Tall Plus-Size Jeans

Tall plus-size jeans for women can be hard to find, but not at Search By Inseam!  We have a good selection of plus jeans in 35, 36, and 37-inch inseams.  Here are a few favorites:

The Truck Extended Tab Jean is a flattering wide-leg style jean with an extended button tab waist and cuffed seams.  The jeans are available in sizes 15 to 25 and in 35" and 37" inseams for only $42.50. 

Z. Cavaricci makes the plus-size Genie Antique Denim Jean in a nice, long 36" inseam.  These jeans are mid-rise, straight leg, and come with cute loop stitching on the back pockets.  They are available in sizes 12 to 26 for $52.00. 

The Flap Pocket Stretch Jeans from Svoboda are high-quality designer plus-size jeans that are available in 32 and 35" inseams.  They sport a slight boot cut leg, buttoned-flap back pockets, and a slimming dark wash.  With a higher rise of 11.5" in the front, and 17" in the back, you’ll be well covered.

36″ Inseam Maternity Jeans

Tall fashionable maternity jeans are hard to find, but Rock and Republic has the solution!  Their Jagger Maternity Jeans are a great pick for those of you who can’t seem to find a long enough fit.  They have a 36 inch inseam and sell for $248. With a bootcut fit and a slightly faded look, you’ll be looking your best when you’re out doing shopping for the new bundle of joy!  Shop SearchByInseam.com for more 36" inseam maternity jeans. 21ev1iekvrl_aa280_1_2

By Karina Shelton, Marketing Intern

Tall Plus-Size Yoga Pants

It’s tough to find tall plus-size workout/lounge pants, but we found two worth mentioning.  The Contrast Foldover Yoga Pant by Four Stars is a cute cotton and spandex pant with a slightly flared leg that comes in black or gray, with a white foldover band at the top.  It’s made in the USA and comes in a nice long 37-inch inseam up to size XXXL.

The stretch knit Yoga Pant by Sour Pop is made of cotton and polyester and has a foldover waist and a flattering wide leg.  Available in heather gray or black, it’s also made in the USA and comes in a 33-inch inseam and a 37-inch inseam up to size XXXL.  You can also sign up for our free notification service that will alert you every time we add a new pair of tall plus-size yoga pants that match your criteria! 

Cashmere for Long Torsos

Yes I’m 6 feet tall, but I don’t have really long arms or a super long torso.  I can normally buy regular tops, but after several washings, I do notice that the sleeves on some of them have crept up and I’m pulling the sweater down to cover my stomach.  Stuff has a way of shrinking.  My mom is thankful for this, as I give her my castoffs and they fit her wonderfully.  But there are some things you want to have fit forever.  Cashmere sweaters fall into this category.  So, the Bop Basics Cashmere Turtleneck Tunic at shopbop.com caught my eye.  No, it’s not called out as a "tall size," but the sleeves and hem are long enough to qualify.  This fine-knit 100% cashmere Italian sweater has 9 inches of banding at the hem, and is 30 inches long.  Something made this well AND made long enough is truly a luxe item you’ll have forever.      

How Long is a Long Jean?

There is no industry standard on what makes a jean ‘long,’ ‘tall,’ or ‘extra-long.’  If there was an agreed-upon inseam for each of these categories, it sure would make things easier!  But since there isn’t, the best thing you can do is measure your inseam and then shop by your exact inseam.  Each retailer has a different definition for what a makes a tall jean, and even then, they often change the definition for different styles of pants.  So, you’re really only left with knowing your inseam and then utilizing the cool features on Search By Inseam to search multiple retailers for your exact inseam length.  Happy Shopping!

How to Find a Good & Inexpensive Tailor

How to find a good and inexpensive tailor

How to find a good and inexpensive tailor, plus why you need one.

When I find a pair of pants that fits in the hips, inseam, and thighs, they’re often too big in the waist. For years, I dealt with this by just cinching my belt and hoping the bunched fabric at the top wasn’t too noticeable. Then I found a great, inexpensive tailor, and my life changed! I no longer need to wear a belt if I don’t want to; I can pick up bargain pants that are too big for a song, and then pay a little to have them fit perfectly; my expensive designer jeans now fit like a glove; and, my tailor has even made pants for me (like when I wanted a lightweight pair for a trip to Africa when all the stores were stocked with the fall staples instead of the linen-cotton blend I needed to stay cool in 100-degree temps). The benefits of a having an experienced tailor are many, and I think everyone needs one on speed dial.

How then, do you go about finding yourself a great tailor who doesn’t charge a bundle?  My advice is to ask people you know who work in formal office settings, but for non-profits.  These are people who wear suits and need to look nice, but don’t usually have big budgets for clothes and alterations.  My tailor was referred to me by a friend who works in the development (fundraising) office for a local university.  She and her coworkers all use the same tailor, who is located just a couple blocks from campus.

When you call the tailor, ask how much she/he charges for the work you want done.  They should be able to give you a range, and not surprise you at the end.  During your first visit, I’d start with just one article of clothing so you can test their work and see if this will be a good relationship. Of course if you’re having trouble finding the right length of jeans or pants, measure your inseam and shop for your exact inseam length at SearchByInseam.com.

How to Measure Your Inseam & Why InStyle Got it Wrong

Typically, I love the advice that InStyle magazine gives on fashion.  However, in their latest August issue, they totally screwed up.  The article called "J Is For Jeans," highlighted inseam as crucial to affecting the entire fit of a pair of jeans (page 169), with which I absolutely agree.  However, InStyle goes on to make two incorrect statements. 

First, they say the average woman’s inseam is 34 inches.  It’s not – 32 inches is considered normal.  I’m guessing they said this because designer jeans are typically made with inseams around 34 inches, but that’s because high-end jeans are made for models’ bodies, and they have super long legs.  Go to Gap.com, and you’ll see that an inseam length of "regular" is 32 inches (it’s the same with many other sellers).

Second, InStyle makes the mistake of tying inseam to height.  While the two are related, you can’t tell someone’s inseam by their height alone.  What matters is the length of their legs, not their whole body.  InStyle suggests that petites should try 32-inch inseams, and women 5’10" and taller should look for 36" inseams.  I am over 5’10", and I do not wear a 36-inch inseam; I wear a 35, and 1 inch is a huge deal when it comes to your pants fitting perfectly.   

For many of us, it can be a major struggle finding pants that are long enough or short enough.  If you don’t have a "normal" inseam of 32 inches, you likely have trouble finding jeans that are the right length for your body.  The answer?  Learn your inseam! 

You can find your inseam by having your tailor measure it for you, or you can do it yourself.  Here’s how to find the length of pants you really need:

  1. Begin with a pair of jeans you already have that fit you well (hopefully all of us have at least ONE pair!).
  2. Lay the pants flat on the floor, back pockets down.
  3. Get out your measuring tape, and carefully measure from the crotch seam to the very bottom of one leg. 
  4. This number is your inseam, and will likely be something between 26 inches and 38 inches.
  5. Now you can shop for your exact inseam!  Search By Inseam is a great place to shop, with numerous sellers, styles, brands, and price ranges, all categorized by inseam length. 

Click here for more tips on inseam measurement, including how to account for shrinkage, high-heeled shoes, and different types of pants. 

Where to Buy Long Jeans – Top 10 Websites

Where to buy long jeans
Where to buy long jeans, tall jeans, and extra-long jeans

Where to buy long jeans? That is a question that every tall woman asks at some point in her life. Have you Googled words like tall jeans, long jeans, and extra-long jeans trying to find the best place to buy pants that fit a tall woman?  I’ve done it, and I know it’s a frustrating experience.  Here are the top ten sites I recommend for tall women’s jeans:

  1. Search By Inseam allows you to search for pants by your inseam length, whether that is 33 inches or 38 inches, or somewhere in between.  There’s also helpful content on measuring your inseam so you can ensure a great fit.  You’re able to narrow your shopping criteria by brand name and by price range.  You’ll find designer denim from Seven For All Mankind, AG, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and more, as well as less expensive tall jeans from Gap, Old Navy, and more.  Sign up for notifications when a new pair of pants is added to the site that fits your inseam.
  2. Shopbop is one of our favorites for just-released stylish designer denim. The company does an excellent job of keeping their inventory fresh and fashionable, and they have periodic sales where you can snatch up bargains. This is one of the few places we regularly see 38-inch inseams, and consistently see 36 and 37-inch inseams. Tall designer maternity jeans are also available on Shopbop’s website. Shipping and returns are always free.
  3. Express shows off seasonal trends in denim. Their long length is typically a 35-inch inseam, though lengths can vary depending on the style. Shipping is free on this site when you spend over $50.
  4. Long Tall Sally carries extra long jeans and pants in inseams of 34”, 35”, 36”, 37” and 38”! There is a good variety of styles and washes. Shipping offers change and returns are not free, unless they are made to a Long Tall Sally store.
  5. Nordstrom carries a good selection of tall designer and mid-priced junior and women’s jeans, and you can often find tall plus-size and maternity jeans as well. Shipping and returns are free, either online or to a Nordstrom store.
  6. Lands’ End stocks tall women’s jeans in 36-inch inseams. These long jeans are usually under $80 and the quality is good. Shipping offers change periodically and promotion codes are often available.
  7. Eddie Bauer has a decent selection of jeans in their Tall Shop. Their inseam length is normally 36-inches and the jeans are priced at $90 or below. Shipping offers change periodically. One of the things I appreciate about this seller is that you can return anything you buy online that doesn’t fit to your nearest brick and mortar store.
  8. Banana Republic offers tall jeans in inseam lengths of 33-37 inches. They usually don’t make you hunt for the inseam length like Old Navy does (more on that below); most of the time it’s clearly spelled out in the Fit & Sizing box or under Product Details. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. Return unwanted items online or to a Banana Republic store.
  9. Gap has done a good job of adding new jean lengths for tall women lately.  I’ve seen inseams of 34, 34.5, 35, 36, 36.5, and 37 inches.  Free shipping on orders over $100, and free returns to any Gap store.
  10. Old Navy starts their tall women’s jeans at a 33.5-inch inseam, and they go up to a 36-inch inseam. If the inseam isn’t listed in the product details, you’ll have to hunt for it in two different tall sizing charts, and then try to guess which is right – unfortunately, sometimes both are incorrect. Tall maternity jeans typically have a 34″ inseam. Shipping is free on orders over $50 and returns are always free. You can also return the online purchase for free at an Old Navy store.

Tall jeans from all of these sellers and more are available at Search By Inseam, making it a great site to easily find your inseam and do quick comparison shopping.

I’m Quitting My Day Job

July 23rd will mark my first day as a Search By Inseam full-timer!  I’ve got a wish list a mile long, and I’ll finally have time to work on it.  What’s in store?  Well, the thing I’ve been hearing most lately is that women want to be able to buy work/dress pants on the site, and that’s near the top of my list.  I’d also like to add some new sellers, products, and content; new behind-the-scenes tools to make adding & removing products easier for me; and community and marketing work so more women can find out about the site.  Let me know if you have other ideas to add my wish list – email contactus@searchbyinseam.com.    

The Search By Inseam Story

Welcome to my very first post on my very first blog! 

My name is Corrinne Henderson, and I officially launched Search By Inseam (www.searchbyinseam.com) in December 2006.  I’m a tall woman and I usually have to buy my pants online to get them long enough.  I got fed up with having to click through detail pages and size charts (and sometimes having to email customer service) to find out what the inseam length was on particular pair of jeans.  I needed a site where I could enter my inseam and the brands I like, and easily find a bunch of great pants to compare.  That’s how the idea for Search By Inseam was born, and I’m pleased to have solved at least that personal problem! 🙂 

The site’s target market is tall women like me, but as I was telling petite friends about my idea, they said they had a tough time finding pants short enough.  So, I thought it would be good to include them in the concept, too.  And since I was already combing through tons of pants to find tall and short, I decided to categorize everything and include regular length, plus sizes, and maternity as well.  My hope is that Search By Inseam becomes a place where women of all sizes can easily find pants that fit them.  I’m big on saving time and money, while also finding exactly what I’m looking for.  Over time, I want the site to make all those things possible, so I’m working hard on expanding the selection. 

Well, that’s a bit about me, and a bit about Search By Inseam.  I plan to use this blog to talk about the site/business, shopping, and of course great jeans!