High-Collar Coat in Tall Sizes

One of our customers emailed us last week and asked for some suggestions on winter coats that are sized for tall women.  So, I’m on the lookout!  Here is a great Italian wool coat from Gap.com.  It comes in black and red, but looks like they only offer the tall sizes in black.  This coat has working pockets, which is SO nice.  I ordered a tall pea coat from J.Crew last year that is so cute, but the pockets aren’t functional!  When it’s cold outside, you need pockets.  I’m not sure why designers don’t get that…

3 thoughts on “High-Collar Coat in Tall Sizes

  1. i betcha there are pockets on your j. crew peacoat. j. crew sews their pockets up, but if you work your finger into the edge, you can pull it open pretty easily. (feel around for a pocket lining, just in case.)
    i have a few tall j. crew jackets and coats, and they all have pockets.

  2. Thanks, Mary. 2 of my J.Crew peacoats have pockets, but the one I bought last year does not. It has little openings that look like they should be pockets, but they’re not. I searched in vain for the sewn up pocket and the pocket liner, but to no avail. Sigh. 🙂

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