Cashmere for Long Torsos

Yes I’m 6 feet tall, but I don’t have really long arms or a super long torso.  I can normally buy regular tops, but after several washings, I do notice that the sleeves on some of them have crept up and I’m pulling the sweater down to cover my stomach.  Stuff has a way of shrinking.  My mom is thankful for this, as I give her my castoffs and they fit her wonderfully.  But there are some things you want to have fit forever.  Cashmere sweaters fall into this category.  So, the Bop Basics Cashmere Turtleneck Tunic at caught my eye.  No, it’s not called out as a "tall size," but the sleeves and hem are long enough to qualify.  This fine-knit 100% cashmere Italian sweater has 9 inches of banding at the hem, and is 30 inches long.  Something made this well AND made long enough is truly a luxe item you’ll have forever.      

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