Hot Sellers at Hollister

Karina Shelton is our new Marketing Intern. She’s a high school senior, and will be blogging for us occasionally.  Here’s her first post.  Thanks, Karina!

Working at Hollister I have been up front and personal with a lot of new fashion trends. The biggest seller we have are the jeans. The hottest style of jeans we have are our "Cali" jeans. They range from superlight to extreme dark as well as destroyed, which is very popular. Sizes are from 0 short, regular, long-11 short, regular, long. They’re a super low-rise fit, with a little flair. Other hot sellers are Laguna and Venice. Laguna’s are skinny low-rise jeans, color range from light to extreme dark. Venice are our extreme dark jeans, slightly flared. Contrary to what Hollister sells the most of, while I walk around the mall and at school, I see teenagers mostly wearing skinny jeans. Colored jeans seem to be quite popular as well.
-by Karina Shelton

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