Maternity Jean with a 35″ Inseam

Poor tall pregnant women…I always feel for them.  I know how hard it is to find a 35" inseam normal jean, and it’s much harder to find a 35" inseam maternity jean.  Well, here’s a new one that’s available now at  The Serfontaine Maternity Mezzanine Bootcut Stretch Jean has a dark wash, ribbed waistband, classy back pockets, and yes, a 35" inseam!  There’s free shipping this month when you add a pair of shoes to your order, and returns are always free to your local Nordstom store.    

2 thoughts on “Maternity Jean with a 35″ Inseam

  1. Corrinne,
    I so appreciate this post! I’m a slender 36″ inseam girl, who just cannot make do with a 34″ inseam. I was so frustrated to find that Gap drops their “extra long” sizes when it comes to maternity. Until now, I’ve tried in vain to find anything (cute OR ugly) longer than 34″. (It’s no help that I’m due in winter, when you can’t exactly wear shorts!) Since you tipped me off to Serfontaine, I’ve discovered they also allegedly have a 36″ inseam maternity jean, which I’m seeing here:
    Thanks for showing up in my Google results, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blog even after I’m through this whole pregnancy experiment!
    sk from minneapolis

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