Review of Christopher Blue Jeans by a Petite Femme

This post is by one of our petite customers, Shellie.

The day that I finally gave up looking for "the one" (a good pair of petite jeans), my soul-mate in denim arrived from an unexpected department: the non-petite land of Nordstrom that I had been ignoring for years.  The pair of Christopher Blue jeans that I bought that day was for normal people so it had to be hemmed and taken in at the waist.  But it was well worth it.  (Corrinne has a good post on finding a great, inexpensive tailor here.)  My Christopher Blue jeans have little snap pockets on the butt, a cute flowery lining inside the pockets, and visible stitching: think Charlie’s Angles in low rise.  I recommend them for petite curvy gals who want to wear well made jeans that subtly suggest "Farrah Fawcett."   

by Shellie, Le Petite Femme

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