We’re in Oprah Magazine!

Next time you’re standing in the checkout line, flip to page 78 of Oprah’s O Magazine (February 2008 issue).  At the very bottom, you’ll find Search By Inseam highlighted as a destination for petite shoppers.  The article “Style and the Short Woman” states, “On-line buys that measure up are a click away at searchbyinseam.com” (p. 78).  I am thrilled to be mentioned as a great resource for petite clothing in such a respected and widely read publication as O Magazine.  I think we have an outstanding site for women who have trouble finding pants that really fit, and I’m pleased to be recognized in Oprah’s magazine.  Click here to read the full press release titled: Oprah Magazine Recommends Search By Inseam To Petite Shoppers.

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