New Petite Provocateur Jeans with 30.5″ Inseam

Joe’s is at is again. Karina and I already blogged about two great pairs of petite Provocateur jeans: one in a 30 inch inseam and another in a 32 inch inseam. And now Joe’s new arrival is the Provocateur Petite Jean in a 30.5 inch inseam. The dark blue denim wash and slightly flared leg make these petite jeans classy and classic. The rise is 7.5 inches, the back pockets are subtle and cute, and the votes are in: Joe’s know how to make a jean that’s perfect for a petite frame.   

2 thoughts on “New Petite Provocateur Jeans with 30.5″ Inseam

  1. I have to laugh what genuis thinks that a 30″ inseam is petite. Get it right 26 is petite no longer. I’m 4’9″ and no kid so having to go to delias for jeans is embarassing. any answers here?

  2. Hi Ellen, to designer jean brand makers, a 34″ inseam is standard. I’ve seen 32″ inseam designer jeans called petite. 🙂 For non-designer brands, it’s typical for anything under 32″ to be labeled petite. But yes, many petite women have much shorter inseams than that. You’ll find a bunch of shorter inseams at Hopefully there is something there in your length. Let me know!

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