Heidi Klum Launches New Jordache Line

Project Runway’s Heidi Klum can add another job title to her resume: Designer. The beautiful German supermodel teamed up with Jordache to launch her own line of clothing, and told People at the Bloomingdale’s debut, "I was a fit model for all the clothes until it was the way I wanted it. I wanted something that was wearable, fits great, cute tops, not too complicated. You go in your closet, you put it on, it fits, it works, it’s still cute, it’s sexy."

Sporting skinny jeans similar to what we saw Kate Bosworth wearing a few days ago, the 34 year old supermodel reported on how important it was for her to carefully customize the collection. "What was important was that I bring my own personal touches to everything — like the pockets, we worked a lot on the pockets,” Klum explained. “Every designer owns their butt pocket, so this is my butt pocket which I’m very proud of. It took a while, I had to do a lot of fittings, but I think that it came to be a nice back pocket.” And then there are the buttons. “All the buttons have my clover on it — I’ve been designing clover jewelry for the last five years so I wanted to incorporate that,” she added. Heidi’s line includes denim jeans as well as blouses and knits, and is available only at Bloomingdale’s. Prices range from $140-$298.

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