Online Returns Made Easy

Most sellers have made returning online purchases extremely easy, yet I still talk with people who are reluctant to shop online because they think returns will be such a hassle. The Shop It To Me Blog had a good post about online returns last week. Here’s a quick summary of the advice given (check out the full post for more detail):

  • Read the return policy before you make a purchase. Many chain stores (Nordstrom,,,, etc.) allow you to buy online and return to a brick and mortar store, which saves you from paying to ship the item back. Others (like offer free returns via a pre-paid shipping label. And finally, some stores will offer amazing deals during Final Sales, but don’t allow returns on this merchandise. So, just check out the policy before you buy.
  • Keep all papers that are mailed with your new item. These often include things like an invoice and shipping labels. You’re going to need them if want to return or exchange the item. It’s tricky to make the return if you haven’t kept this stuff, so keep it until you’re sure you’re going to keep the item!
  • Buy 2 sizes if you’re not sure which one will fit best. You can always return the one that doesn’t fit well. I’ve done this a lot when trying new brands, since a size 8 in one brand isn’t always a 30 in another. Buying two also ensures the style you want doesn’t sell out while you’re trying to find the perfect fit.
  • Take a chance! You may very well find your fav new pair of jeans at an amazing deal – I’ve had this happen numerous times. But even if they don’t work and you can’t return them, you can sell/give them away or take them to a re-sale store and recoup most of the money you paid anyway.

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