Organic Cotton

The Budget Ecoist had a good post yesterday on Organic Cotton that is worth reading. The quick and dirty is this:

  • Cotton crops account for roughly 25% of all pesticides used in the U.S.
  • The EPA has classified these pesticides as being among the most toxic, and the WHO has stated that these toxins cause thousands of deaths in developing countries each year from pesticide poisoning.
  • 1 pair of conventional cotton jeans adds 3/4 of a pound of chemcials to the environment.

Wow!  So, what can we do?  It’s easy to forget that every time you make a purchase, you’re voting.  You’re voting with your dollars and contributing to the demand for whatever it is you’re buying.  By shopping for organic cotton clothing, you’re making a difference.  It’s usually more expensive, but it’s way more sustainable and healthy.  Thankfully, we’re starting to see more organic options all the time including tall organic cotton jeans in inseams of 36" and 37" and wide leg organic cotton jeans with a 35.5" inseam.  So get out and vote – with your green jeans.

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