Target to Team Up with Barneys on Eco-Apparel

The title of Ann Zimmerman’s article, Target’s New Eco-Apparel Line to Debut at Barneys New York, made me do a double-take when I was scanning the The Wall Street Journal this morning.  Target and Barneys in the same sentence?  I can’t say I’ve seen that before. 

In a rare marketing maneuver, Target will introduce its first eco-friendly apparel line by initially putting it on sale at Barneys New York from May 9-May 11, and then move the collection to the Barney’s LA location.  It will appear there from May 16-18, and then the clothes will start appearing at Target locations.

Rogan Gregory is the designer behind Target’s new collection.  Gregory uses 100% certified organic cotton and other natural fibers like silk and linen.  Most of his pieces are sold at Barneys and Bloomingdale’s.  He’s now contributing to Target’s popular Go International program that features moderately priced clothing from edgy designers for about six weeks at a time.  Gregory’s Target collection is priced from $15 to $45, and includes a roll-up sleeve sweater and a leopard-print swimsuit.

Zimmerman reports that "Gregory says his collection for Target is a way to make the organics-apparel movement more democratic by making it more affordable to the masses.  Fabrics made from natural fibers and 100% certified organic cotton cost 15% more than nonorganic fabrics, while finished garments generally carry a 5% premium" (page D6). 

I think the market is ripe for affordable eco-apparel, and I’m anxious to see how this launch goes.  You can bet I’ll be down at Target as soon as Gregory’s line comes to Tacoma. 🙂            


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