Spotlight on Genetic Denim

Genetic Denim only launched two years ago, but has already snagged a devoted following.  Fans include Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Fergie, Ashlee Simpson, and Jessica Simpson.  Designer Ali Fatourechi told InStyle he carefully studied jean-buying habits before finalizing his brand, saying, "It’s not the wash or style but the first 5 inches below the waistband that matter most.  Women want a perfect fit at the hip" (August 2008 issue, page 117). 

If you have a small frame, try the Recessive Gene Cigarette Leg Jean, or something else in Genetic’s Recessive line.  If you’re curvier, slip on the Dominant Straight Leg Jean or another jean from the Dominant line.  If something doesn’t fit, Fatourechi suggests trying another style versus another size.  What’s coming next for this popular brand?  Distressed jeans with exposed zippers.  Can’t wait to see ’em!  Don’t miss my review of Genetic’s Mutated Twisted Seam Wide Leg Jean.      

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