Yummie Tummie

I was shopping with my mom a couple weeks ago when she mentioned the need for something to hold in her stomach. I reminded her that squeezing the shoulder blades together makes you stand taller and automatically draws in the tummy. She tried it in the mirror, and it almost totally got rid of the slight lump on her mid section.  She was happy such a small fix worked so well (and was free!), but thought there was still a little pouch there.  So I told her about Yummie Tummie, comfortable shapewear that you can either wear underneath your clothes, or as stand-alone tops.  Designed to stand alone as shirts and tanks, they suck you in and smooth you out.  Oprah’s said Yummie Tummie gets rid of muffin tops and Heidi Klum wishes she’d know about the line when her body was recovering from childbirth.  So, try them for yourself and see the slimming magic happen on your tummy!    


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