How to Look Good in Wide-Leg Pants

Jean Patteson wrote a good article in The Orlando Sentinel over the weekend about how to look good in wide-leg pants.  A reader said, "I have been trying on slouchy, wide-leg trousers but feel like they give me elephant legs.  When I see the pants in pictures, on models, they look elegant, not enormous.  Also, what kind of shoes look best with wide-leg pants?"  

Patterson replied with some great advice: "Any extreme style can feel wrong if not done quite right.  For starters, pants with really wide legs tend to look best on tall women.  Most models are exceptionally tall, which makes them perfectly suited to this trouser style.  But most women can look good in full pants.  Select the right slacks:

  • Choose pants with a wide, snug-fitting waistband that sits a little below the natural waistline.
  • Look for pants with a single pleat.  This creates volume below the fitted waistband and gives the pants a definite shape.
  • Avoid pants with legs that are the same width from top to bottom.  Those will definitely feel elephantine.  Instead, choose a cut that flares slightly toward the hem.  Again, this makes the pants look, and feel, more shapely – and therefore more elegant.
  • Wear the pants long, with the hems just about 1/2-inch from the ground.
  • Anchor the trousers with shoes that have some heft.  Flats and heels both work, so long as they are not too delicate."

Good advice!  Shop for wide-leg pants in your exact inseam length, rise, favorite brands, and price range.  And try for great shoes that come with fast, free shipping.

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