All the Fashion, None of the Guilt

In All the Fashion, None of the Guilt (Oct. 26, 2008), New York Times writer Natasha Singer explores the "recession chic" retail movement and the new name for the style maven on a budget: "the recessionista."  

Singer reports that PR professional Heather Viggiani describes recession chic by explaining, "a host of discount brands kneel graciously at the feet of recession and position their products and services not only as the smart thing to do, but the posh one."  While lexicographer Grant Barrett argues the phrase is just giving Americans an excuse to buy more stuff.  "It's kind of permitting consumers to have justification for their spending habits," he said.  

Recessionista is a word that's been refashioned from from the word "fashionista" by publicists, retailers, and consumers over the last six months, Singer states.  Viggiani said the word is "making light of a situation that isn't so favorable for the consumer-driven industries of our nation, spinning it … and delivering a luring message to the masses - PR 101 ladies and gentlemen."  Singer also highlights The Recessionista Blog of Mary Hall in Redondo Beach, CA.       

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