What Inseam Do I Need for Workout Pants?

Is getting in shape on your list of resolutions for 2009 this year?  We see sales of yoga pants spike between now and the end of January at SearchByInseam.com, and often get asked what inseam is best for workout and yoga pants.  In general, it's best to buy yoga pants 1/2" to 1" shorter than your normal jean inseam (more if you buy your jeans extra long to wear with heels) because you're going to be practicing barefoot, and don't want too-long pants tripping you up while you work on mastering your poses.  If you're buying running pants, you also don't want those being long enough to reach the ground and get muddy every time you wear them.  Visit our helpful page on measuring your inseam, and then adjust accordingly for the type of workout you'll be doing.  If you already have a pair of workout pants that are perfect in length, just measure those and go to SearchByInseam.com to find your replacements in the exact inseam you need.  SearchByInseam.com carries yoga and workout pants in inseams up to 39 inches.   

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