Wash Jeans While Wearing them in the Shower?

I was browsing through new arrivals this morning, and these dark wash bootcut Loomstate jeans in a 34.5" inseam caught my eye.  I love how crisp and polished they look, thanks to the raw denim they're constructed from.  As I was reading the product details, I noticed a funny thing: "Loomstate recommends washing your jeans while wearing them in the shower."  Huh.  I've never seen that before.  Does anyone actually do this?  I have bad memories of swimming in jeans during a water safety class I had to take during high school.  The jeans clung so tightly that it was almost impossible to swim as they became waterlogged and cold.  So, I think I'd opt for hand-washing these over wearing them in the shower.  But that's just me. :)  Cute jeans, though.     

4 thoughts on “Wash Jeans While Wearing them in the Shower?

  1. Hi there
    Interesting – I never noticed that on Tobi’s page before. Wearing jeans (especially skinny jeans) in the shower actually sounds rather sexy to me 🙂

  2. It is fun wearing jeans in the shower. Some people think their jeans fit better by doing this, especially if you wear them until they are dry.

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