Review of Citizens’ Kelly Maternity Jean

As promised, I'm reviewing the 35" inseam Citizens Kelly maternity jeans I bought and posted about a month ago.

In short, I love them!  I wear them almost every day.  The panel is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, stays up, and is really comfortable.  There's no digging into my bulging belly.  They are easy to pull on and off, and they fit me perfectly in the hips, thighs, and butt.  The length is just right, and the darker denim is easy to dress up or down.  There's a front crease that makes them a little more dressy, and they look great with flats.  

Yes, they are more expensive than non-designer maternity jeans, but frankly, there aren't any non-designer maternity jean options for those of us with an inseam longer than 34 inches.  But even if there was, I would probably still go the designer jean route.  I'm happy to buy cheap maternity tops, but having a pair of jeans that fit so well right now is really nice.  Even though I didn't need them till 4 months into my pregnancy, I'm still wearing them a lot over 5 months, so the cost per wear is low.  The other feedback I've heard from shorter friends who've bought cheaper maternity jeans is that the panel doesn't stay up.  That's because it's made almost entirely from cotton and just a tad (like 1-2%) spandex.  This maternity jean panel is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex (some other designer maternity jeans have a panel made of a cotton-polyurethane mix) and from my experience, you get what you pay for.  I highly recommend the 35" inseam Citizens Kelly maternity jeans if you're wanting to look and feel good in your jeans (or just avoid looking frumpy in maternity jeans that look like plus-size jeans) and you want them to stay up the whole day.     

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