36.5″ Inseam Organic Slim Leg Jeans

Tall women with extra-long legs know how hard it is to find a jean with a 36.5" inseam, period.  But, try to find a stylish, green 36.5" inseam jean that's as earth friendly as it is stylish and long, and you'll be looking for a long, long, frustrating time.  Trust me; I've done it.  So, the eco-friendly slim leg grey jean from Good Society is a big deal.  These light grey jeans have been hand-sewn with organic cotton to have a stretchy, second-skin feel.  They are 98% certified organic cotton, and 2% lycra.  Buying organic cotton jeans makes a difference, since the denim industry consumes a significant portion of the world's cotton (read more on my organic cotton post).  Shop SearchByInseam.com for more green jeans.   

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