Michael Kors’ Secrets of Style

The April issue of InStyle magazine has a great page of Michael Kors' "Secrets of Style for Right Now" (p.145). In the short article, Kors shares six tips worth noting: 

  1. It's a season for seasonless. Spring is all about clothes you can wear most of the year. Weight matters. Ban summery colors in heavy fabrics. No one needs a mint-green wool Easter coat.
  2. Neat and polished. What's right for now if looking pulled together. For me, the smartest way to do that is to mix the unexpected with the familiars, like a ballet flat in white cheetah or a sleeveless sheath in scarlet or purple instead of black.
  3. Retrain yourself. After years of indulgence, avoid disposability. If you go all out for that new silhouette in the hot print of the moment, you will be over it soon after you realize you've been foolish. Unless it's nearly free, forget it.
  4. Check your basics. Before buying new pieces, look in your closet for staples that ground them: white jeans, ribbed turtlenecks, flat knit V-necks, fitted pencil skirts or a fresh white shirt. Buy the best quality you can afford.
  5. Shopping isn't a sport. Americans race through stores like Supermarket Sweep contestants, who had 10 minutes to toss whatever they could grab into a cart. The result? Racks of clothes that don't go together. Take your time.
  6. Accessorize on the spot. Try a dress with or without stockings; with a thin belt and a thick one; slip on a heal, then flats. Do not be embarrassed to ask salespeople to help you get whatever you need. In this economy, they'll be glad to do it.

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