Clothing for Tall, Slim Kids

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I’ve been getting inquiries from customers asking if we’d include kids’ pants in our search by inseam functionality since we went live with the site 3 years ago.  Their issues?  Slim kids, tall kids, or slim and tall kids who are hard to fit.  I always responded that we didn’t have plans to include children’s clothing and I was sorry, but I didn’t know where to point them.  Until now! J  I got an email from Jennifer at Stringbeans Clothing Co. last week, telling me her company sizes kids’ pants by inseam.  Brilliant!  

First off, I love the homepage and name of the company.  Stringbeans is perfect, because that’s what these kids are!  The company specializes in kids who are hard to fit.  If you’ve tried the “slim” sizes and found they aren’t slim enough, check out Stringbeans for long, lean pants that look good and fit well on both boys and girls. 

Stringbeans was started by two moms who were fed up with trying to find pants that would fit their tall, slim kids who were getting taller all the time.  Pants would fit one week, but be too short the following.  They tried adjustable waist pants, but they bunched and gathered and were uncomfortable for their kiddos.  So after taking a ton of measurements, they came up with quality clothes that are comfortable and fit well on kids who are long and lean.  Hems are generous and can be let out as children grow.  Stringbeans also sells Cufflinx™ in 20 designs which turn high-water pants into high-fashion pants quickly and easily for only $11.95.   

So, if you’ve been stumped on how to outfit that tall, slim child of yours, look no further than Stringbeans.


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