Extra Tall Leather Leggings

Wow, a first for me!  I've never seen 37" inseam leggings before these Leggy Leather Leggings from Diane von Furstenberg.  They feature seam detail and ribbed knit panels with ribbed knit banding at the edges.  The rise is high at 10 inches, and they are made of 100% leather (plus some wool, nylon, and spandex for the trim).  Check out other tall leggings in a variety of inseams at SearchByInseam.com.  

3 thoughts on “Extra Tall Leather Leggings

  1. Thanks for letting people know about this, however the prices are way too high for me. $300-$800 for a pair of long leggings is out of my price range. My suggestion is to find companies who can offer lower prices so that people like me can buy from. I can afford up to $50 for a pair of leggings but no higher.

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for the comment! These are out of my price range, too. 🙂 They’re spendy because they are designer leather leggings. Please check out the other posts I’ve done on long leggings that are much less expensive. They are well under $50.

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