Oprah’s Favorite Jeans

Oprah has some new favorite jeans!  She’s in love with CJ by Cookie Johnson.  Designed by wife of NBA legend Magic Johnson, Cookie Johnson created these jeans to fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes.  Oprah declares them her favorite jeans, saying they're "the perfect jeans for real women with real booties."

Cookie created them out of frustration: “Every time I go to the stores, I put the jeans on and I couldn’t get them past my thighs.  I thought: ‘I’m in good shape.  I work out.  I eat healthy.  Why can’t I find a jean to fit me?’”  She decided it wasn’t her, and went on to make some great jeans.  In sizes 24-38 (which equates to size 2-18), you’ll find bootcut jeans, trouser jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and high-rise jeans in a variety of washes.  Inseams range from 30 inches to 35 inches.  Check out the full line of CJ by Cookie Johnson at Search By Inseam.     

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