Review of Old Navy Maternity Jeans

Congratulations to my friend Gretchen who had her first baby a couple weeks ago!  Back in December, I asked her what type of maternity jeans she wound up buying.  Before she was pregnant, she thought she'd buy "at least one pair" of designer maternity jeans.  (She's a fan of True Religion.)  But when her belly started growing, she opted for Old Navy instead.  The same thing happened with my friend Kim.  They are not as tall as me, so weren't "forced" to buy designer maternity jeans.  (I am kind of happy I HAD to buy designer in order to get a 35" inseam maternity jean, because the fit was so amazing!) 

Anyway, she was kind enough to share her thoughts and allow me to post them here:   

I originally bought 2 pair: 1 panel and 1 elastic waist band.  The panel pair is great (and I bought a 2nd pair similar to them) – but the elastic waist band one was horrible.  I couldn't keep them up.  I thought it was because my hips (and butt) are still really slim – but maybe it is a problem with the jeans in general.  But the panel waist ones really are great.  Since I can only wear those 2 pair of pants, they get plenty of wear, tear and washing!

I bought all my ON jeans in the store, but in general, the Old Navy website has been great for reading reviews beforehand.  (And then 1 month after purchase, they send you an email, asking you to review your item.)  I didn't read reviews on the jeans since I tried them on, but I would imagine the jeans reviews would be just has helpful as the shirt reviews I've read.

The jeans I love [Full Panel]:


[The jeans she hated are no longer in stock.  They had an elastic waist and were found under the "Real Waist" heading.] 

In all cases, I felt their jeans ran a little small. I usually wear a 6, and I got 4s in all these jeans.

Find Old Navy jeans in your inseam length – petite, regular, and long – at  Thanks for the review, Gretchen!   

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