Why I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

I don't wear skinny jeans. That is one trend I haven’t been able to embrace. Here are the three reasons why:
1. I may be skinny, but I have hips. I think skinny jeans look best on stick figures and that curves require some balancing. Hips need at least a bootcut jean to balance them out. Of course you can do a flare jean, trouser jean, or a wide-leg jean, but to me, a bootcut is the minimum requirement.
2. I have feet. And I mean big feet. A skinny hemline reveals the whole foot, whereas a looser hem covers the majority of the foot and just lets the toes peek out in front. Don’t believe me? Check your side view in a full-length mirror.
3. I don’t wear heels. I think skinny jeans look best with heels and if I’m ever wearing heels, I’m at somebody’s wedding and I don’t have jeans on. I have back issues and I have preschoolers. Heels are impractical for my daily life and don’t give me the support I need when I’m lugging my two-year-old around. 
Do you wear skinny jeans? Why or why not?

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