Review of Rent the Runway White Fur Vest

So, I didn't know I was ordering real fur until this vest arrived… I am doing the Unlimited Rent the Runway program and selected the Adrienne Landau White Freya Vest to try out. It is beautiful, soft, and warm, but I felt a little weird wearing a sweet little fox and definitely felt over-the-top wearing this around suburbia. Maybe if I'd worn it up in Whistler for a ski weekend or something, it would have been different. The first time I wore it out of the house, I paired it with a black shirt, black jeans, and black boots. The second time, I thought I'd see if I could tone it down a little and tried it make it more causal by wearing a white shirt, distressed jeans, and grey boots. The vest has pockets, hidden closures in the front, and ribbing around the neck to shape it. It felt boxy to me, as I prefer a more fitted shape. This long sleeve cotton shirt is women's tall Gap, the jeans are Blank Denim Skinny Jeans from, and the boots were a gift from my sister-in-law Lauren. She found them at Target! :)  


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