Our New Website is Live!

After months of hard work and lots of late nights, our new website is live! Hooray! The last major update to the site was all the way back in 2014, so it was time! 🙂

Since over half of our customers are shopping on their phones now, I talked to the graphic designer I worked with on the last update and told him I wanted the new site to be way more mobile-friendly. He suggested I look at Shopify because it can automatically resize the website to any phone, tablet, or laptop. And anytime a new size of phone comes out, it will incorporate that as well. So Search By Inseam is now running on Shopify and so far, so good. This blog is still on a WordPress platform, in case that is interesting to anyone. 😉

Search By Inseam's new header image
Search By Inseam‘s new header image

The new header image is a compilation of models from our different sellers. I looked for happy, smiling models that were more representative of our customer base. It was really hard to find any models who were smiling! Why do most models look so serious?? This is the first time we’ve had a male model on the homepage, too, so that’s fun. Search By Inseam is the best place for women and men to find jeans and pants in their exact inseam length, and I wanted the main photo to convey that. It was a fun treasure hunt for me to search for models of different genders and backgrounds wearing a mix of jeans and pants.

Also new and super cool in this build of Search By Inseam is the addition of women-owned small businesses in our product offering. In the past, we’ve only had jeans and pants from major brands, so this is really exciting! One of our new sellers is both woman-owned and Black-owned, which is doubly special. TJL Collection is “where fashion, fit and length meet.” Run by Tiffany Jones-Lewis, who stands 6’1″ tall, you’ll find extra long inseam lengths of 37″ and 38″. Her creations are colorful, fresh, and fun, and even include tall jumpsuits! How hard are those to find anywhere else?

Another woman-own small business we’re now featuring is The Elevated Closet. Owned and operated by Jordan Smith, a 6’4″ former WNBA player, the mission of The Elevated Closet is “to empower all women to follow their dreams with confidence and style!” For 10% off your first order, use the link above (or any Elevated Closet product link on Search By Inseam) and use the code SEARCHBYINSEAM at checkout.

These great changes make me super excited about our new website! Our goal remains the same: to help women and men of all sizes quickly and easily find jeans and pants that fit well. We’ve already helped thousands of customers find tall, petite, short, average, maternity, and plus-size bottoms, and our new website will enable us to help even more people. Please check out our new digs and comment below with your feedback!

Tall Sustainable Clothing – Review of Sassy n Tall T-shirts

Happy Earth Week! I thought this was the perfect time to do a post about tall sustainable clothing. Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing and most sustainable plants on Earth? Bamboo is more eco-friendly to grow than cotton because it requires less water and less space, and it also doesn’t require the use of pesticides, insecticides, or even fertilizer. Whereas cotton crops use 25% of the insecticides and 11% of all pesticides used in the world! Amazing, right? I also think bamboo is super cool because it naturally absorbs moisture, is very breathable, and is totally anti-microbial! It’s also very soft to wear, which I love. 🙂

I was browsing around on Facebook last month and happened upon a new small business for tall clothing that I hadn’t heard of before: Sassy n Tall. This company was started by another tall female entrepreneur like me, who happens to have a similar name to me, too: Corina! 🙂 We hit it off on a Facebook video call and I just had to order some of her tall t-shirts. I’m not someone with an extremely long torso, but I’m definitely not into the crop top shirt trend, either. 😉 I do usually order tall size t-shirts from Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, Gap, and Lands’ End. Sometimes I find that Nordstrom and Shopbop will have shirts that are long enough for me, too, even though they are not technically tall clothing. But all of Sassy n Tall‘s t-shirts are made by and for tall women, which makes it easy.

I also read a review of someone who’s not tall, but just wanted a shirt to cover her backside, so you don’t need to be tall to appreciate these shirts. 🙂 As you’ll see in these pictures that Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng took, the shirts are great coverage for yoga poses. I don’t always care about covering my rear end, but I do when I’m in leggings of any kind. 🙂 We took these photos at the Bellevue Botanical Garden at the end of March.

Doing yoga in tall sustainable Sassy n Tall t-shirt
Doing yoga in tall sustainable Sassy n Tall t-shirt. Photo Credit – Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng

I often wear t-shirts with straight hems, but I like how the rounded hem looks, especially from the side. These tees are longer in the front and back, but shorter on the sides. They are tall sustainable clothing because they are made from Oeko-Tex certified bamboo. Every shirt is designed and manufactured in Canada.

Tall bamboo shirt with rounded hem
Tall bamboo shirt with rounded hem. Photo Credit – Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng

In both of the above photos, I’m wearing the Sassy n Tall Scoop Neck – Still Got It Tee in Mid Heather Grey. It’s a nice light grey for a light summer like me. But I really love these next t-shirts in pink and blue, because I just feel more “me” in color. 🙂 Here’s Ling Ling getting a fun shot of me through some of the only flowers that were blooming at the time. I’m wearing the Sassy n Tall VaVaVa Voom V-Neck T-Shirt in Fandango Pink. These tall dark wash jeans have a 34.5″ inseam and are Joe’s Honey Bootcut Jeans in Rikki and were bought at SearchByInseam.com.

Sassy n Tall Pink V-Neck Bamboo Tee with Tall Jeans from SearchByInseam.com
Sassy n Tall Pink V-Neck Bamboo Tee with Tall Jeans from SearchByInseam.com. Photo Credit – Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng.

I really prefer to tuck in the front of my shirt because I have a pear shape (which I learned through an awesome Adore Your Wardrobe class) and it’s more flattering for my body type. I just look frumpy when my clothes hide my waist. So I was very happy to see that these Sassy n Tall shirts actually stay tucked in! Here’s another shot of me with a tucked in tee and jeans:

Tall Sustainable Scoop Neck Tee and Long Dark Wash Jeans from SearchByInseam.com
Tall Sustainable Clothing Scoop Neck Tee and Long Dark Wash Jeans from SearchByInseam.com. Photo Credit – Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng.

This is the Sassy n Tall Scoop Neck Still Got It Tee in Stellar Blue. I think this color is my favorite, but the pink is a close second. I asked Corina if she’d have other colors like white available, and she said if she gets enough orders, she’ll run another color. These bamboo shirts are all soft and you can tell they are well made. I love a high quality t-shirt! All the Sassy n Tall shirts are designed and manufactured in Canada. I had a great ordering experience, and Corina got my shirts in the mail within hours of receiving my order of these three shirts. (Order 3 shirts for free shipping.) I am wearing a size small in all these t-shirts. I’m 6′ tall and 160 lbs. This is not a sponsored post; I paid for the shirts with my own money. Some of the links above that are not Sassy n Tall links are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission on anything purchased through those links at no additional cost to you. Find more of my product reviews at https://blog.searchbyinseam.com.