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Prps Denim

Prps Denim has just arrived at!  Founded by Donwan Harrell to be a "product with a purpose," the denim line has roots in the American south but is also heavily influenced by Harrell's world travels.  All Prps Denim is made in small batches on vintage looms by artisans in Japan.  You'll noticed the high quality, great form, and durability in all his shorts and jeans.  Jean inseams tend to be extra long and often 35 inches in length.  Shorts range from 1 to 13 inches in inseams.  Find your exact inseam length in Prps Denim at  

Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

Return Feedback on

I had such a good return experience with last week that I just had to write a quick post about it.  First of all, getting a pair of shoes the day after I order them is pretty cool.  And the fact that I don't ever pay for shipping?  Even cooler.  I liked the shoes (Black Patent Privo Hammcok Flats), but they didn't have enough arch support for my six-months-pregnant-body.  So, I followed the return instructions that came with the shoes: I printed out a pre-paid return shipping slip, marked my reason for the return, sealed the box back up, taped the shipping slip to the outside, and dropped it into the post office box.  I read you can also leave it for your post person to pick up, but since I was already going to the post office, I thought I'd save him from having to carry it with him on his route.  Anyway, the process was so easy, and everything was free!  I will keep ordering from because of the great selection, free shipping both ways, and easy returns.  Kudos to Endless for being so customer friendly! 

Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

Old Navy Return Feedback

As I blogged about yesterday, I had a couple of returns to make to Old Navy.  I was surprised how many people were at the Tacoma Mall for a Wednesday morning!  There was a line of about 5 people at the store, so I had to wait a bit, but once I got to the counter and showed my slip and the two items (in their plastic bags with the UPCs), I couldn't believe how fast and easy the return was!  The cashier just scanned everything and told me the amount would be put back on my credit card.  And I was done!  Kudos to Old Navy for fast and easy returns on orders!  It couldn't have been a better experience.  

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Acne Jeans

I think this is such a funny name for a brand of jeans, but I guess Acne is not something you’re going to forget.  So, at least that marketing objective is met. 🙂  Actually, ACNE is an acronym for Ambition to Create Noble Expression.  Designer Jonny Johansson is a Swedish designer based in Stockholm who shows "fastidious attention to detail and a purity of line" (InStyle Magazine, August 2008, p. 122).  Kirsten Dunst, Chloe Sevigny, Amy Adams, Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, and Blake Lively are fans.  The Acne green skinny jeans below have a 35" inseam, and the high-waisted flare jeans have an even longer 36" inseam.  Visit Search By Inseam for more Acne jeans and more 35" and 36" inseam jeans.         

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Good Society Jeans

The trend that has been sweeping the country is going green.  With Good Society denim you can be earth-friendly as well as fashionable!  Their jeans use certified organic cotton and all dyes are eco-friendly.  An added plus is that they are produced by workers in India in accordance with Fair Trade regulations!  If you are a fan for earth-friendly products, these jeans are a must have.  These low-rise colored skinny jeans are purple and have a 34" inseam.   

– By Karina Shelton, Marketing Intern

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Spotlight on Genetic Denim

Genetic Denim only launched two years ago, but has already snagged a devoted following.  Fans include Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Fergie, Ashlee Simpson, and Jessica Simpson.  Designer Ali Fatourechi told InStyle he carefully studied jean-buying habits before finalizing his brand, saying, "It’s not the wash or style but the first 5 inches below the waistband that matter most.  Women want a perfect fit at the hip" (August 2008 issue, page 117). 

If you have a small frame, try the Recessive Gene Cigarette Leg Jean, or something else in Genetic’s Recessive line.  If you’re curvier, slip on the Dominant Straight Leg Jean or another jean from the Dominant line.  If something doesn’t fit, Fatourechi suggests trying another style versus another size.  What’s coming next for this popular brand?  Distressed jeans with exposed zippers.  Can’t wait to see ’em!  Don’t miss my review of Genetic’s Mutated Twisted Seam Wide Leg Jean.      

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jb and me

We just added a new seller on Search By Inseam called jb and me.  Based out of Michigan, the shop has the latest goods, great sales, and of course, killer denim.  I also love their "cheap and chic" section.  You’ll be seeing lots of new products added to Search By Inseam that are sold by jb and me

Check out a couple of the latest arrivals: the Savoy Wide Leg Jean from William Rast in a low-rise 35" inseam and the Paige Denim Laurel Crest Short in a low-rise 13.5" inseam. They also have some cute tops, like this Reversible Scoop from Michael Stars.

Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

MiH Jeans

MiH Jeans made it onto the authoritative What’s Hot Now page of July’s InStyle magazine (p. 89).  Under the full name of Made in Heaven, the brand was launched in 1969 and was one of the first fashion denim brands to be a favorite of style leaders in the ‘6os and ’70s – most notably Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett.  Today, the retro brand jeans are admired by modern day fashion icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, and Keira Knightley.  With lux fabric, great designs, and superior detailing, it’s easy to see why fashionistas flock to aptly named Made in Heaven.            

Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve Line

Sienna Miller is all over the place when it comes to fashion: baby doll dresses with ankle boots, jeans with layers of tops, leggings with cowboy boots, mini dresses with heels…  She’s always mixing it up!  It’s no surprise then, when you take a look at Twenty8Twelve, the clothing line she co-designs with sister Savannah Miller, to see an eclectic array of unique pieces.