Review of My $10 Leggings

I’ve been wearing some old Hot Chillys ski leggings and finally decided to get something new. My old ones are a high rise and they aren’t comfortable anymore. I found these Leggings Depot Ultra Soft Basic Solid Plain Best Seller Leggings Pants for just $9.99 and thought I’d take a chance. No inseam was listed and they are “one size fits all” so it was a risk. I am happy to report that they fit me well! I measured them to find out that they have a 27″ inseam length. This is deceiving, because they stretch quite a bit. They reach down to my ankle bone, which I’ve measured before at a 31″ inseam (see my post How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be?). These leggings are super soft and feel like suede! I bought them in black (and need to get some black flats now to match!) but they come in lots of colors. Find more leggings in your exact inseam length at


Leggings Depot Ultra Soft Leggings
Leggings Depot Extra Soft Leggings


Photo by Jason Henderson

Vince Slip On Sneaker Review

I've been looking for slip-on sneakers like these for awhile now, having sent multiple back because they were too tight or too small. These Vince Blair Slip On Sneakers from Shopbop are keepers! They do run big, but everything else I tried on was too small, so I had almost given up finding a pair like these in a size 11. I love the perforated detail on top and I've seen it in so many colors. I wanted something neutral like white, black, or tan and this black is probably the most practical. My feet tend to be on the narrow side and these are very comfortable. They seem well made and perfect for casual outfits. I got them for 20% off with this awesome promo code that ends tonight. Photo by Jason Henderson. 

Vince shoes