Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

How to Look Thinner in Jeans

I was just reading through my March InStyle Magazine last night, and came across a good tip that I thought was worth sharing.  In her new book, "How to Never Look Fat Again," author Charla Krupp gives the following advice about denim:

"Pick simple, unadorned denim.  Clean, streamlined jeans are the way to go.  The most flattering styles are dark and feature unembellished pockets.  Avoid extra details that catch the eye and give the illusion of bulk – think twice about tags, grommets, or decorative extras.  The leanest silhouettes of all: boot cut and straight leg" (InStyle, March 2010, p. 248).

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

How to Keep Your Pants Tucked into Your Boots

Just got my January issue of Real Simple and noticed a cool new product called the Kuza Strap (p. 44).  Like suspenders for your pants, the straps work to keep everything tucked neatly into your boots or wellies.  They're adjustable and come in 3 cute designs.  $16 for a set.  Check them out if your pants keep bunching up when you tuck them in.     

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

Jeans to Perk Up a Saggy Butt

Here's a helpful tip from November's issue of InStyle magazine: to perk up a saggy butt, make sure your jeans have at least 2% stretch, like Lycra (p. 199).  This is according to Susie Crippen of J Brand jeans.  She says, "Pants with more than 98% cotton can stretch out as soon as you wear them and give no support" (p. 199).  I've personally found that more than 2% is too stretchy, but it's just a matter of how much give you want your jeans to have.  Here are a couple pairs of J Brand jeans that have 2% stretch.

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

The Best Time to Buy Jeans

According to this month's issue of Real Simple Magazine, October is the best time to buy jeans.  Lindsay Funston reports that it's because "the rush for back-to-school clothes has ended, so retailers are cutting prices on leftover inventory" (193).  And The Budget Fashionista predicts that stores will have excess denim this year because shoppers will be more frugal with their back-to-school purchases.  Funston foresees 30-60% off retail prices and buy-one-get-one-free deals at some stores.  We'll see!  Bring on the fall savings!    

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

Tips to help job hunters dress for success

There was a good article in The Sacramento Bee, reprinted in my local Tacoma News Tribune two days ago, that I thought was worth posting about since so many people are looking for work right now.  Here goes:

When it comes to job interviews, first impressions matter.  If you're just out of college or new to the job hunt, here are some tips on what to wear.

Do your research.  You won't sound silly or unprepared if you call and ask what to wear to an interview.  It shows you respect the company culture.  (I have to say that I totally agree with this one.  When I was a recruiter at Microsoft, I liked having my candidates ask me this question.  It showed me they really wanted to put their best foot forward.)

Play it safe.  If you're applying for jobs in financial, medical or sales fields, a suit is usually mandatory.  If it's a tech or design company, "business casual" attire is likely OK.  Classic dark colors are always safe – blue, black or gray.  (Agree with this one, too; however, I've only worked in tech companies where dress code is always either business casual or just casual.  For interviews though, go with business casual – slacks and a button-up shirt.)

Keep it neat.  Whether it's your shirt, shoes or hair, show up to interviews well-groomed.  Tops and shirts should be freshly pressed, with no stains and all buttons intact.  Shoes should be clean and scuff-free.  Get a fresh haircut and trim facial hair.  And don't let bangs or hair flop in your face; eye contact with your interviewer is essential.  (Agree.  And if you're tempted to keep pulling your hair out of your face, or playing with it, tie it back.)

Bye-by backpack.  Carry a purse, a briefcase or a portfolio case, but keep the loud colors and logos at home.  (This one isn't important if you're interviewing at a tech company where you know the culture is casual.  We all carry backpacks to work.)

Jingle, jangle.  Accessories let your personality shine through, but stay away from bright nail polish, crazy ties and "bling" jewelry, which can be distracting.  Cover tattoos and pop out the nose ring, at least until you get the job.  (Totally agree, especially on the tattoo.)      

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

The Perfect Jeans

Rod Stafford Hagwood wrote a good article called "The Perfect Jeans" for the South Florida Sun Sentinel that was reprinted in The Tacoma News Tribune on Monday.  He quoted Tim Gunn of "Project Runway" who said, "For daytime, I think the washes should be light to distressed to medium.  Of course, the more dark the jeans, the more places it can go."  Hagwood argues that in order to find the perfect jeans, you need to ignore trends and focus on what looks good on you.  Here are his tips:

  • If you have a "Caribbean curve" – with womanly hips and thighs – pick a boot-cut jean, which will balance everything out and give the illusion of proportion.
  • If you can't imagine how it's possible to have too much of a "Caribbean curve," then go ahead, girl, and put your shapely rear on blast.  Look for jeans with yokes (or rear seams) that angle downward.  Denim capris have a proportion that can make your derriere look mountainous – which isn't always a bad thing.
  • Yes, skinny jeans are of-the-moment but "they're not for everyone," said Gunn.  If you must, try a darker color or wash.  Also pair with a loose and blousey top.  Wear with a stiletto heel to elongate the leg, or stuff them inside boots, which creates balance with hips and rear.
  • If you want to camouflage a bit of a tummy, look for a pair that's cut higher in the back than the front in a boot-cut style with a Lycra-enhanced fit.
  • Tall women with a long torso or waist might want to try high-waisted jeans.
  • Women with boyish shapes might want to try a skinny jean to emphasize the hips.

Shop for your perfect jeans today. 


Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

Tips on Choosing the Right Denim Weight

The weight of your denim can make a big difference in how your jeans fit.  According to this month's InStyle magazine, medium-weight 12-once denim is going to be the most flattering because it'll hold you in without being bulky.  A lighter weight denim jean is best for wide-leg, relaxed styles, but opt for heavier denim for traditional boot cut jeans.  Finally, choose a jean that's made with 2% Lycra.  Any higher content of Lycra will reveal your bulges; any less Lycra means you'll sacrifice stretchy comfort.  Find 2% Lycra, medium-weight, lightweight, and heavier denim all at  

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

Michael Kors’ Secrets of Style

The April issue of InStyle magazine has a great page of Michael Kors' "Secrets of Style for Right Now" (p.145). In the short article, Kors shares six tips worth noting: 

  1. It's a season for seasonless. Spring is all about clothes you can wear most of the year. Weight matters. Ban summery colors in heavy fabrics. No one needs a mint-green wool Easter coat.
  2. Neat and polished. What's right for now if looking pulled together. For me, the smartest way to do that is to mix the unexpected with the familiars, like a ballet flat in white cheetah or a sleeveless sheath in scarlet or purple instead of black.
  3. Retrain yourself. After years of indulgence, avoid disposability. If you go all out for that new silhouette in the hot print of the moment, you will be over it soon after you realize you've been foolish. Unless it's nearly free, forget it.
  4. Check your basics. Before buying new pieces, look in your closet for staples that ground them: white jeans, ribbed turtlenecks, flat knit V-necks, fitted pencil skirts or a fresh white shirt. Buy the best quality you can afford.
  5. Shopping isn't a sport. Americans race through stores like Supermarket Sweep contestants, who had 10 minutes to toss whatever they could grab into a cart. The result? Racks of clothes that don't go together. Take your time.
  6. Accessorize on the spot. Try a dress with or without stockings; with a thin belt and a thick one; slip on a heal, then flats. Do not be embarrassed to ask salespeople to help you get whatever you need. In this economy, they'll be glad to do it.

Check out Kors' jeans and pants at

Is your kid too tall for children's jeans?

What Inseam Do I Need for Workout Pants?

Is getting in shape on your list of resolutions for 2009 this year?  We see sales of yoga pants spike between now and the end of January at, and often get asked what inseam is best for workout and yoga pants.  In general, it's best to buy yoga pants 1/2" to 1" shorter than your normal jean inseam (more if you buy your jeans extra long to wear with heels) because you're going to be practicing barefoot, and don't want too-long pants tripping you up while you work on mastering your poses.  If you're buying running pants, you also don't want those being long enough to reach the ground and get muddy every time you wear them.  Visit our helpful page on measuring your inseam, and then adjust accordingly for the type of workout you'll be doing.  If you already have a pair of workout pants that are perfect in length, just measure those and go to to find your replacements in the exact inseam you need. carries yoga and workout pants in inseams up to 39 inches.