Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

Happy Customer

This email made my day. 🙂

Dear Search By Inseam Founders,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your website! 

My daughter and I are both 6' with 36 inch inseam and I am so grateful to you for your brilliant and simple way to access pants that will fit.

While I still eagerly await the day when we can just print out clothes with a 3D printer (shirt sleeves are always short) it is such a help to have your site for buying pants. 

Thanks and all the best,
a grateful customer,


Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

Why I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

I don't wear skinny jeans. That is one trend I haven’t been able to embrace. Here are the three reasons why:
1. I may be skinny, but I have hips. I think skinny jeans look best on stick figures and that curves require some balancing. Hips need at least a bootcut jean to balance them out. Of course you can do a flare jean, trouser jean, or a wide-leg jean, but to me, a bootcut is the minimum requirement.
2. I have feet. And I mean big feet. A skinny hemline reveals the whole foot, whereas a looser hem covers the majority of the foot and just lets the toes peek out in front. Don’t believe me? Check your side view in a full-length mirror.
3. I don’t wear heels. I think skinny jeans look best with heels and if I’m ever wearing heels, I’m at somebody’s wedding and I don’t have jeans on. I have back issues and I have preschoolers. Heels are impractical for my daily life and don’t give me the support I need when I’m lugging my two-year-old around. 
Do you wear skinny jeans? Why or why not?
Men's Bel-Air Athletics Academy Embroidery Sweatpants

We’re in InStyle Again!

Yay! Thank you, InStyle magazine, for the mention in February's issue! Here's the text since I'm having trouble uploading a picture of it:

One-Click Wonder. Nail Your Pants Length.

Entrepreneur Corrinne Henderson, frustrated with the search for jeans for her long legs, started Select your dream inseam (they tell you how to measure it) to find specific styles from major brands (7 For All Mankind, Frame Denim, and more).

February 2014, page 154.