Linen Pants in Every Inseam Length

Spring Break is coming soon (or already here, for some of you!) and we have linen pants in every inseam length! Whether you need a petite inseam length of 26″ or a tall inseam length of 37″, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered! All of these linen pants (and more) are available now at Search By Inseam. Linen pants are synonymous with spring and summer, but cargo pants are a hot new trend for spring, too. Check out our most recent blog post with the top 10 best cargo pants on the market right now. Without further ado, here are our top picks for linen pants this spring:

  1. First up, we’ll start with our tall women’s linen pants from the Elevated Closet. These 35″ and 37″ inseam linen blend pants come in navy or olive green, and I actually have both! 🙂 I can vouch for how comfortable they are. I love the drape, flow, pockets and length. I have a 35″ inseam in bootcut jeans, but with linen pants, there’s enough of a drape that you can go 1-2″ shorter on the inseam length. I actually took these to Nordstrom for hemming, which is unusual for me! 😉 These tall linen pants come in regular sizes and plus sizes up to 3XL.
    women's tall inseam linen pants
    The Elevated Closet’s Tall Linen Blend Pants


  2. Secondly, I know a lot of people are wanting to try the linen jogger trend this spring. These Athleta Retreat Linen Joggers are fresh and fun. They come in a petite inseam length of 26″, a regular inseam length of 28″ and a tall inseam length of 31″. Remember, jogger style pants are like skinny jeans: they only come to your ankle. This means that the inseam length will be shorter than you’d need for a bootcut jean or any full length jean.
    linen pants in every inseam length
    Athleta Retreat Linen Joggers


  3. Thirdly, a relaxed wide leg linen pant is always in fashion. These Caslon Wide Leg Pull-On Linen Blend Pants come in a petite inseam length of 28″ or a regular inseam length of 30″. They come in three colors: olive, navy, and black. Because of their relaxed fit and low drape, you’ll need a much shorter inseam length than you would with a pair of more form-fitting jeans.
    women's tall inseam linen pants
    Caslon Wide Leg Pull-On Linen Blend Pants


  4. Fourth on the list of linen pants in every length is the 33″ inseam Roxy Oceanside Linen Blend Beach Pant. These pants have a lower rise and drawstring waist, and come in 4 colors. They are available in navy, black, stone, and white. If you normally need a tall 34″ inseam in jeans, try these on for size. The drape is lower than a jean, and you’ll most likely be wearing flats with this casual linen pant, so the length might be perfect for you.
    best linen pants for tall women
    Roxy Oceanside Linen Blend Beach Pant


  5. Number 5 is the beautiful coral Lina Straight Linen Pant from Banana Republic. More tailored than the previous styles, these linen pants are perfect for the office or dressing up. Petite inseams are 28.5″, regular inseams are 30.5″, and long inseams are 33.5″. Besides coral, they also come in black and natural.
    women's tall and petite linen pants
    Banana Republic Lina Straight Linen Pant


  6. Another pair of linen pants by Athleta makes the list at #6. These Retreat Wide Leg Linen Pants come in five colors: pink, black, violet, undyed, and calla lily. The regular 30″ inseam comes in sizes XXS-3X. The tall inseam length is 33″ and the petite inseam length is 28″. These women’s linen pants have a unique split hem on the inside ankle for added breathability.
    women's petite linen pants
    Athleta Retreat Wide Leg Linen Pants


  7. If you are pregnant, these Smocked Waist Linen Maternity Pants would be super comfortable on your baby bump. The lightweight, breathable linen will keep you cool while you’ve got baby on board. These linen maternity pants have a 28″ inseam and come in navy.
    maternity linen pants
    Angel Maternity Smocked Waist Linen Maternity Pants


  8. For men, these Banana Republic Linen Cargo Dress Pants have a tailored slim fit. They come in navy and khaki, but the khaki is almost sold out. These men’s linen pants have a hard to find inseam length of 33.5″. Waist sizes range from 28″-40″.
    men's linen pants in 33.5" inseam
    Banana Republic Men’s Linen Cargo Dress Pants


  9. Ninth, Banana Republic also has these Men’s Hugh Herringbone Linen Suit Pants without the cargo pockets. They come in a beautiful shade of blue and there’s also a matching sportscoat available. The inseam lengths for these are 29.5″ (short), 31.5″ (regular), and 33.5″ (long).
    men's linen dress pants
    Banana Republic Hugh Herringbone Linen Suit Pants


  10. Finally, #10 on the list is a men’s casual linen pant with drawstrings. These Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Casual Pants come in a tall 36″ inseam and a regular 32″ inseam. Available in white, navy, and natural, and in waist sizes 29-54.
    men's tall linen pants
    Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Casual Pants


What do you think of these top ten linen pants on the market? You’ll find linen pants for every inseam length at Search By Inseam. So, get ready for spring and summer and find a pair that fits you, whether you need tall, petite, regular, maternity, men’s or plus sizes.

Short Men’s Jeans – Looking for Shorter Inseam Lengths?

In looking to see how people found recently, I noticed many entered the search terms “short mens jeans.” While we’ve carried short inseams for men and women for several years, this was the first time we’d seen a high demand for short men’s jeans. People were specifically looking for men’s jeans in 26″ inseams, 27″ inseams, and 28″ inseam lengths, so I’m going to focus on these lengths for this post. It’s pretty cool to see demand grow in a new category! So for all you short men out there, or people shopping for shorter men’s inseams, this is for you. 😉

Best Brands for Short Men’s Jeans

At Search By Inseam, we carry a good selection of brands that make shorter length jeans for men. These include Express, Old Navy, Gap, Banana RepublicLands’ End, and Levi’s. Eddie Bauer used to have men’s jeans that started at a 20″ inseam length, but they don’t anymore. I don’t know if they were testing the market to see what the demand actually was for inseam lengths that were that short or what… But I do know we had customers buying them. Here’s a little more about each brand that currently carries men’s short inseam lengths:

  1. Express: Express’ short men’s jeans start at a 28″ inseam length. The brand is high on style and trends. You can also find classics like bootcut and straight leg as well. This brand’s sales are typically buy-one-get-one 50% off. The price point is generally less than $90. Men’s inseam lengths go from 28-36 inches in 2-inch intervals.
  2. Old Navy: The length of Old Navy’s short men’s jeans start at 28 inches. Most jeans are under $40 and they are often on sale. Old Navy jeans range in inseam length from 28-36″ and go up 2 inches at a time.
  3. Gap: Gap is another men’s jean brand that goes from a 28″ inseam length to a 36″ inseam length in 2-inch increments. Most men’s jeans are under $80, though premium styles can cost over $100.
  4. Banana Republic: Banana Republic has a lot of men’s slim  and skinny jean styles right now. This brand starts its men’s short inseams at 28″ and goes up to a tall 36″ inseam.
  5. Lands’ End: Lands’ End is cool because the men’s jeans inseam lengths start at 26″ and go up by .25″. So you can order a pair of short men’s jeans with a 26″, 26.25″, 26.5″, 26.75″, 27″, 27.25″, 27.5″, 27.75″, or 28″ inseam. The inseams go all the way up to 36″, so tall men like this brand as well. This brand is high on quality and is periodically on sale.
  6. Levi’s: Good old Levi’s! I think everyone has owned a pair by this brand at one point or another. Some styles of Levi’s come in a men’s 28″ inseam length. It can be difficult to figure out which style is made in a shorter inseam length, but we make it easy at Just select your inseam length and set the brand you want to search for as Levi’s, and we’ll show you everything that matches your criteria.
Short men's jeans available at
Short men’s jeans available at

Have you found any other brands of men’s jeans that come in shorter inseam lengths less than 29″? If so, please tell us in the comments below. Thanks!

Women’s Polar Fleece-Lined Pants

I got a lot of hits on a post I did about wearing these women’s polar fleece-lined pants in Iceland a couple weeks ago. I’ve worn them a bunch over the two years I’ve had them, so when Eddie Bauer had their Columbus Day sale, I snapped up another pair in a different color. I got to break in the new pair this last weekend when my family went hiking in Olympic National Park at Hurricane Ridge. The weather was supposed to be cool and sunny, so I thought they’d be perfect. I actually wound up getting too warm after we chose a trail with a pretty steep incline. Oops!

Back of women's polar fleece-lined pants
Back of women’s polar fleece-lined pants

My favorite thing about these pants is that they are fleece-lined on the inside. This feature keeps me warm – and I’m often cold.  They have a polyester/spandex exterior that blocks wind and light rain. That fabric combo makes them really comfortable and easy to move in – perfect for hiking! This new pair has a green fleece lining (pictured below) and green is my favorite color. 🙂 My old pair has a purple lining. Oh, did I mention the pockets are also lined with polar fleece?! I love that about them. I also love that these pants have tons of pockets. There are two front zippered pockets, two back Velcro pockets, and two Velcro cargo pockets on the legs. I have room for my keys, cards, chapstick, geocaches, or whatever.

Green polar fleece lining on women's polar fleece-lined pants
Green polar fleece lining on women’s polar fleece-lined pants

These women’s polar fleece-lined pants are available in 3 colors (black, gray, and storm) as well as 3 inseam lengths (29″ for petites, 32″ regular inseam, and 35″ tall inseam). Of course being that I’m 6′ tall, I bought the 35″ tall inseam length. 🙂 The tall size 6 fits me well. Eddie Bauer sizing runs a little big, since I’m normally a 30 in jeans. Sometimes Eddie Bauer is big in the waist on me, but these have no gaping issues.

Women's polar fleece-lined pants at Olympic National Park
Women’s polar fleece-lined pants at Olympic National Park

Get these pants or another great pair in your exact inseam length at

What to Wear with Tall Glossy Boots


What to wear with tall glossy boots

What to wear with tall glossy boots? Well, welcome to October! This is the month where we get to ask these kinds of questions. 🙂 Yesterday was sunny and today it’s all rain. I don’t mind, though. I find the rain comforting at this point in the year, and welcome the chance to be cozy. This is about the time when our boots and rain jackets go into almost daily use. I welcome a heavy rain because it gives me an excuse to wear my favorite boots!

I first saw these Women’s Hunter Original High Gloss Boots when we were in London five years ago. It seemed like all the fashionable women had them. And black was the only color I saw. Some were the tall glossy boots and some were short or matte. As soon as we got home from our trip, I looked into buying them. I quickly discovered they’d be the most expensive rain boots I’d ever considered! Was it worth it to pay over $100 for a pair of boots that would splash in puddles? I thought about it for months and was on the lookout for a sale. Different colors would go on sale from time to time, but not the shiny black ones I coveted. I finally bit the bullet and just ordered them.

For the first year, I kept track of how many times I wore them and calculated the cost per wear. I’ve now worn them dozens of times and my cost per wear decreases every time. I think it was a worthy splurge!

But anyway, what to wear with tall glossy boots like these? My go-to pants are skinny jeans like in the picture above, or a thicker legging. I find that a fitted pant tucks inside the boot well and is the most comfortable choice. Tighter pants also show off the beautiful high gloss boot! 😉 If you are in the market for some new leggings this fall, check out my review of these great $10 leggings from Amazon. They come in a ton of colors and plus sizes, too. Did I mention they are just $10? So really, you can’t go wrong. I talked them up to my mom and she bought a pair as well. She says hers are super soft and comfy, just like mine. She is 5’9″ and I am 6′ and they fit both of us. The leggings are very stretchy.

Review of Liverpool Jeans Brenna Denim Trousers

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got my first Stitch Fix outfit and was in love with it. I loved the vest, the sweater AND the jeans. Now after wearing them a few times, here is my review of Liverpool Jeans Brenna Denim Trousers. Tall girls, listen up! These jeans are tall girl approved. So are the sweater and vest, for that matter.

So, the jeans. I had never even heard of Liverpool Jeans before I got my Stitch Fix box last month. How have I not known about this denim company after running for a decade now?! I have no idea. It’s a British company, I guess, and I’m not British. So anyway, I was a little skeptical when I took the pair of dark wash jeans from my Stitch Fix box. I pulled them on and was instantly impressed. The softness! The stretch! These are truly the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. And I’ve worn a lot of jeans! These Brenna Denim Trousers are made for exclusively for Stitch Fix, so you can’t get them anywhere else. I’d told my stylist that I needed exactly a 35″ inseam and I preferred boot cut jeans. I wrote that I normally wore a size 30 in jeans, but somehow she knew I’d wear a 29 in these. I’m just so impressed that they fit me like a glove!

Here I am in the entire outfit: jeans, sweater and vest.

My First Stitch Fix Outfit
My First Stitch Fix Outfit

Here is a closeup of the jeans. The leg does look a little funny because I’ve got tall boots on underneath the jeans. I still need to find a pair of ankle boots that I like and aren’t huge and sloppy around the ankle…

My Review of Liverpool Jeans Brenna Denim Trousers
My Review of Liverpool Jeans Brenna Denim Trousers

The wash of these jeans is very dark – a solid navy. I think it pairs well with a black boot, but the style card that came with the outfit suggested a brown ankle boot for more contrast. I think brown boots would work well, but I do like the low contrast option as well. It makes the legs seem even longer!

My First Stitch Fix Outfit

I think I’m hooked, you guys. I love my first Stitch Fix outfit! I got my first Stitch Fix box a few weeks ago and everything fit! I couldn’t believe it. I told them I needed tops with long arms and long torso lengths. I also told them I needed jeans that had a 35″ inseam. (I am 6′ tall and have a tall hourglass figure.) Well, my first box had four great tops, but sadly only one was machine wash. I forgot to tell them I only want pieces that are machine wash. 🙁 So, I kept one top. The jeans fit great, except they were a tad too long. I measured them at a 35.5″ inseam. It doesn’t seem like much, but I don’t want my jeans to look sloppy. And I rarely wear heels with jeans, so they were just enough too long that I had to send them back.

After you get your box, you go online to “check out.” I rated every piece I was sent and provided written feedback as well. I then asked if I could have my second box soon, since I only kept one top from this shipment. My second box came last week and I loved everything! I kept all 5 pieces and got the 25% off discount for keeping them all. Here’s a pic of my first Stitch Fix outfit:

My First Stitch Fix Outfit
My First Stitch Fix Outfit

The jeans are dark wash Brenna Denim Trousers from Liverpool Jeans. They have a lot of stretch in them and are SO comfortable. I love them! I’d never even heard of Liverpool Jeans before, and thought it was so fun to try a new brand. They are tall girl approved, and so is this great sweater! It’s cream with navy details at the hip and really cool zipper detailing on the back. (Why did I forget a picture of that?) It’s from 41 Hawthorn and is the Byani Color Block Zipper Back Pullover. The vest is from Fate and is the Rowen Faux Leather Quilted Vest. I love the collar and it keeps me warm on these cool fall days. The black boots in the picture are my own. Stitch Fix doesn’t yet offer shoes in size 11 . Hopefully they will in the future! Also in my Fix this time was a 41 Hawthorn Ellissa Cotton Blend Textured Weave Pullover in black and white, and the Westinn Strappy Neckline Knit Top from Olive & Oak. I would never had chosen the strappy neckline top for myself, but it totally works on me. So far, so good for Stitch Fix!

Men’s 38″ Inseam Pants

These men’s 38″ inseam pants come in 3 colors and 4 different lengths.  Men’s Big & Tall Cutter & Buck Beckett Straight Leg Washed Cotton Pants come in black, tan, and navy. They are available in 32″, 34″, 36″ and 38″ inseam lengths. These pants have a flat front as opposed to pleated (pleated pants aren’t IN right now, guys!). You can wash these in your washing machine and dry them on low heat. On sale now for 35% off, they are only $69.99 (normally $108). These pants are only available online and fit true to size. Find more men’s 38″ inseam pants at

Men's 38" Inseam Pants
Men’s 38″ Inseam Pants