Before and After Jeans Makeover

I love a good before and after makeover, don’t you? It’s so fun to see the comparison pictures and see how much better the after photo looks – at least most of the time. 😉  Well here is a before and after jeans makeover that I’m excited to share with you!

Dale contacted me recently and said, “Even though 30 inch inseam is not an unusual size, it is hard to find none the less. Lately I have had to buy long ones and feel like a 1950s kid with cuffs.” He included this picture of his jeans that were too long and had to be cuffed:

Dale's jeans are so long, he had to cuff them.
Dale’s jeans were so long, he had to cuff them.

He went on to say, “Looked at your business web site. Easy to navigate… Went to men’s pants and could not find 30 inch inseam carpenter pants.” I always love to help people find exactly what they are looking for. It’s the reason I started Search By Inseam! 🙂 So I searched online and found these Levi’s Gold Label Carpenter Jeans for him that I thought would be perfect. I sent him the link and I got this “after” photo a few days later with the words “Satisfied customer.” That was music to my ears!

Dale with the perfect fit for his before and after jeans makeover!
Dale with the perfect fit for his before and after jeans makeover!

Are you looking for a pair of jeans or pants that are hard to find? Let me know! I’m happy to provide extra personal service and I’d love to help you find the perfect fit.  Everyone deserves to look and feel good in clothes that fit them well. Would you like a before and after jeans makeover?

Shop Search By Inseam for the exact inseam length you need. And check out this related blog post on Best Stores for Men’s Shorter Inseam Lengths.

Short Men’s Jeans – Looking for Shorter Inseam Lengths?

In looking to see how people found recently, I noticed many entered the search terms “short mens jeans.” While we’ve carried short inseams for men and women for several years, this was the first time we’d seen a high demand for short men’s jeans. People were specifically looking for men’s jeans in 26″ inseams, 27″ inseams, and 28″ inseam lengths, so I’m going to focus on these lengths for this post. It’s pretty cool to see demand grow in a new category! So for all you short men out there, or people shopping for shorter men’s inseams, this is for you. 😉

Best Brands for Short Men’s Jeans

At Search By Inseam, we carry a good selection of brands that make shorter length jeans for men. These include Express, Old Navy, Gap, Banana RepublicLands’ End, and Levi’s. Eddie Bauer used to have men’s jeans that started at a 20″ inseam length, but they don’t anymore. I don’t know if they were testing the market to see what the demand actually was for inseam lengths that were that short or what… But I do know we had customers buying them. Here’s a little more about each brand that currently carries men’s short inseam lengths:

  1. Express: Express’ short men’s jeans start at a 28″ inseam length. The brand is high on style and trends. You can also find classics like bootcut and straight leg as well. This brand’s sales are typically buy-one-get-one 50% off. The price point is generally less than $90. Men’s inseam lengths go from 28-36 inches in 2-inch intervals.
  2. Old Navy: The length of Old Navy’s short men’s jeans start at 28 inches. Most jeans are under $40 and they are often on sale. Old Navy jeans range in inseam length from 28-36″ and go up 2 inches at a time.
  3. Gap: Gap is another men’s jean brand that goes from a 28″ inseam length to a 36″ inseam length in 2-inch increments. Most men’s jeans are under $80, though premium styles can cost over $100.
  4. Banana Republic: Banana Republic has a lot of men’s slim  and skinny jean styles right now. This brand starts its men’s short inseams at 28″ and goes up to a tall 36″ inseam.
  5. Lands’ End: Lands’ End is cool because the men’s jeans inseam lengths start at 26″ and go up by .25″. So you can order a pair of short men’s jeans with a 26″, 26.25″, 26.5″, 26.75″, 27″, 27.25″, 27.5″, 27.75″, or 28″ inseam. The inseams go all the way up to 36″, so tall men like this brand as well. This brand is high on quality and is periodically on sale.
  6. Levi’s: Good old Levi’s! I think everyone has owned a pair by this brand at one point or another. Some styles of Levi’s come in a men’s 28″ inseam length. It can be difficult to figure out which style is made in a shorter inseam length, but we make it easy at Just select your inseam length and set the brand you want to search for as Levi’s, and we’ll show you everything that matches your criteria.
Short men's jeans available at
Short men’s jeans available at

Have you found any other brands of men’s jeans that come in shorter inseam lengths less than 29″? If so, please tell us in the comments below. Thanks!