Tall Women-owned Small Businesses

Search By Inseam is a tall woman-owned small business. Photo credit Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng

Corrinne Henderson runs Search By Inseam, a tall woman-owned small business specializing in hard to find inseams. Photo by Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng

Search By Inseam is a tall woman-owned small business, and I try to support other women in business as much as possible. Here is a list of women entrepreneurs we love to work with – and either have direct experience with and/or have a reciprocal relationship with. I highly recommend all of these!

Search By Inseam is a tall woman-owned small business that specializes in hard to find inseam lengths
Search By Inseam is a tall woman-owned small business that specializes in jeans and pants in hard to find inseam lengths


First up is The Elevated Closet. This tall woman-owned small business is run by Jordan Smith, who is a 6’4″ former WNBA player and women’s college basketball coach. She really knows how to make clothing for tall women! You’ll be impressed with women’s jeans in extra long inseam lengths like 35″, 36″, 37″ and 38″ in sizes up to 20-22. There is such a need for tall women’s plus size clothing and Jordan is doing a great job in this space! You’ll also find tall maternity jeans in 37″ inseam lengths as well as tall tops, swimsuits, dresses and shoes, as well as some tall kids’ clothing. Use this affiliate link for The Elevated Closet and code SEARCHBYINSEAM for 10% off your first order. You’ll also find The Elevated Closet’s jeans and pants available on Search By Inseam.

The Elevated Closet is a tall women-owned small business
The Elevated Closet is a tall women-owned small business that sells empowering style for tall women


Second on the list is TJL Collection, where fashion, fit and length meet. This is a Black tall woman-owned small business run by Tiffany Jones-Lewis. Tiffany designs beautiful and colorful tall women’s pants and jumpsuits in inseams that go up to 38.5″! If you are a tall woman, you know how hard it is to find a jumpsuit that is long enough in both the legs and the torso! TJL Collection also has tall bodysuits, dresses, and great slogan t-shirts. You’ll find tall women’s plus size clothing up to a size 3XL. The pants and jumpsuits are available on Search By Inseam as well. And if you’re in the Dallas, TX area, check out the periodic Tall Girls Meet Up events sponsored by TJL Collection, where you can make lasting connections with fun, food and fashion. I’d be in if I lived closer! 😉

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Thirdly, Sassy n Tall is a tall woman-owned small business started by Canadian Corina Taylor that specializes in tall women’s t-shirts made of sustainable eco-friendly bamboo and cotton. These shirts are designed for long tall women, but lots of women who aren’t tall and are just looking for a long shirt to cover their rear ends are also fans of these. They are soft and luxurious and I own three of them in different styles and colors. 🙂 You can check out my full review here. Corina has designed and manufactured them in Canada and ships worldwide. When I ordered mine, she put them in the mail on the same day!

Sassy n Tall carries tall women's sustainable cotton bamboo t-shirts
Sassy n Tall carries tall women’s sustainable cotton bamboo t-shirts


The fourth woman entrepreneur I love working with is Bellevue, WA Photographer Ling Ling Zheng. Ling Ling is a very talented photographer and has done beautiful work for me personally and professionally. You can check out some of her photos in this Tall and Sustainable Clothing blog post.  If you live in the Bellevue/Seattle/Eastside area and are looking for business, family, maternity, or newborn photos, check her out! She is super organized and also laid back, which is a great combo in a professional photographer.

Bellevue, WA photographer Ling Ling Zheng has done beautiful work for me personally and professionally
Bellevue, WA photographer Ling Ling Zheng has done beautiful work for me personally and professionally


Fifth on the list is Gi Wear, a Black woman-owned small business specializing in tall girl approved athleisure wear.  Gi Wear was founded by 5’10” Sheree Hudson. Sheree had a hard time finding activewear leggings that were long enough for her legs, so she decided to create her own! Gi Wear carries 36″ inseam leggings, athletic skirts, crop tees, gym bag and more. Leggings and skirts come in sizes small to 2XL.

Gi Wear specializes in tall girl approved athleisure wear
Gi Wear specializes in tall girl approved athleisure wear


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of tall woman-owned small businesses! We are always looking to add more to our list, so please comment below if you have any to recommend!



Wearing a Shift as a Top Works Well for Tall Frame

Yes, I’m wearing a shift as a top instead of a dress – and it actually works! I’d normally nix the idea of wearing such a short dress because I’m so tall it would be super short. But I’ve been following Tanasha of Pretty Tall Style for a few weeks now and she pulls it off so well! She’s 6’4″ (which is 4″ taller than me) and I love how she wears this blue mini dress as a top. I’ve never thought of wearing a short dress as a top before, but it works so well with skinny jeans! I decided to try the trick of wearing a shift as a top for myself and ordered this Corey Red Kendra Shift from Rent the Runway as part of my Unlimited subscription.

This shift is the best, brightest color of orange. I love it how pops! It has a perforated pattern that is really fun and has handy side pockets. There is lining from the shoulder to the hemline. The three-quarter-length sleeves aren’t lined, so your skin is visible through the holes on the arms. I received a lot of compliments on the shift and I liked how it looked with my Hudson Nico Elysian Mid Rise Skinny Jeans that I reviewed here (available on SearchByInseam.com in a 30″ inseam) and my Earthies nude flats that have amazing arch support (and are available in sizes 5-12).

Other Rent the Runway reviewers wore this as a short dress. I think I’m the first one to wear it as a top with jeans! I’m going to have to try this again! No more ruling out short dresses; I’ll just re-purpose them! Thanks to Tanasha of Pretty Tall Style  for letting me in on this fashion secret for tall women. 🙂 Photo by Jason Henderson.

wearing a shift as a top
Wearing a shift as a top

Review of Vince White Geo Lace Overlay Top

I rented this Vince White Geo Lace Overlay Top from Rent the Runway as part of the Unlimited program. It was a fun rental that I wore a couple of times while I had it. The top is structured, albeit a little boxy on my hourglass frame. (Tops with cinched/fitted waists look best on an hourglass figure.) But I like that this top is more dressed up than just a simple t-shirt. It has a white cotton weave on top with a really cool geometric design. It’s partially lined and was perfect for my son’s spring birthday party. I was baking up a storm for his birthday brunch party and this kept me cool and comfortable while also still festive. It was long enough in the torso for my 6′ frame and I received several complements. I did have to be careful not to snag the lace overlay, especially when hanging it up. I paired this Vince top with my Paige Transcend Manhattan Boot Cut Jeans that I reviewed here and continue to keep getting compliments on! They are my favorite pair of jeans right now, although I’m venturing in to my cropped jeans on warm sunny days. Sun, please stay! These tall Paige jeans are available in a 34.75″ inseam and you can find them at SearchByInseam.com.

Vince Top and Paige Jeans
Vince White Geo Lace Overlay Top and Paige Transcend Manhattan Boot Cut Jeans

Designer Maternity Jeans: Are They Worth It?

Are designer maternity jeans worth it? I mean, you only wear them for a few months, maybe longer if you’re pregnant more than once… But the price tag is steep – usually around $200. That’s a lot when you’re looking at setting up a nursery and acquiring all that necessary baby gear.

When I first started Search By Inseam, it was about 2 years before I was pregnant. I wasn’t shopping for maternity jeans for myself yet, but I was adding them to the site. I was also shopping for tall women who needed extra long maternity jeans. It was tough to fill their requests, as there just wasn’t much out there in longer lengths. There were usually a couple options of long maternity jeans in a 34″ inseam, but not anything longer. What I noticed then was that anything longer than a 34″ inseam tended to be a designer maternity jean. And the price jumped by at least $100 on average to move into that designer jean category.

Why are designer maternity jeans so expensive? It’s simple: you are paying for quality. In many cases, you are also paying for USA craftsmanship as well. The denim is high quality, the buttons are high quality and the big thing – the elastic belly panel – is much higher quality than a non-designer maternity jean’s belly panel. If you try on regular maternity jeans and designer maternity jeans, you’ll know right away that the belly panel on the designer pair is going to stay up. It’s not going to fall down on you and it’s not going to stretch out like a regular maternity jean panel will. It hugs your baby bump and provides so much support that you’ll want to wear that panel all. the. time. I’m  not kidding. Designer maternity jeans fit in the butt and the gut. They flatter your shape and the denim is soft and comfortable.

I have a 35″ inseam, so when I was pregnant my only options were designer maternity jeans. That was just fine with me, because I loved my Citizen’s Bootcut Maternity Jeans so much! They made any outfit flattering. I only needed to add a pair of comfortable flats and a maternity top, and I was good to go. I wore them for about 8 months total over two pregnancies. My belly never got very big. I think that was because my torso was so long and both boys were so low in my uterus that it took forever to really look like I was pregnant.

I paid about $180 for the jeans and wore them for about 8 months, which comes to $22.50 per month for a great pair of jeans. To me, that price was totally worth it. If you’re unsure if designer maternity jeans are worth it for you, I’d encourage you to do the math. Figure out how much they cost, how many months you think you’ll wear them, and what that works out to per month of wear. I only needed one pair of maternity jeans (no other pants, skirts, or dresses were needed) and a few tops, so I actually spent very little overall on my maternity wardrobe.

Here is an example of designer maternity jeans: Paige Denim Transcend Manhattan Bootcut Maternity Jeans in a 35.5″ inseam length. I’ve reviewed Paige’s Transcend Manhattan Bootcut Jeans here before (the non-maternity version) and they are an amazing pair of jeans – currently my favorite! The denim quality is excellent and you can tell by zooming in just how supportive those belly panels really are.

Designer Maternity Jeans
Paige Denim ‘Transcend – Manhattan’ Bootcut Maternity Jeans in a 35.5″ inseam

Whether you are going to splurge on designer maternity jeans or save on regular maternity jeans, you can search by your exact inseam length and price range here or at https://searchbyinseam.com. Please leave a comment on this blog post and let us know if you think designer maternity jeans are worth it or not. You’ll find other jeans, reviews, and helpful articles at blog.searchbyinseam.com.

Tall Women’s Fleece Pullover – Review

tall women's fleece pullover
Patagonia Re-Tool Snap Pullover

I’ve been looking for a tall women’s fleece pullover that’s super soft and I found a good one!

After a really long winter spring has finally sprung in Seattle. I haven’t put away my winter clothes just yet, though! I get cold easily and I love to be warm and snuggly when I’m at home – or really anywhere I guess. My two sweet boys each have a fuzzy children’s fleece pullover from Hana Andersson that they love and affectionately call their “Fuzzy.” I kept telling them, “I want my own Fuzzy!” 🙂 This Women’s Patagonia ‘Re-Tool’ Snap Pullover in coral fits the bill for a fuzzy tall women’s fleece pullover. I’m crazy about the vibrant coral color which is perfect for spring and makes me think that it’s not too late to be buying a warm, cozy fleece pullover – even though it IS April after all…

The details:
This pullover has a kangaroo hand-warmer pocket in front that is similar to the front pocket on a hooded sweatshirt and is great for feeling snuggly. The snap pocket is a bit retro and the neck snaps all the way up to keep you even warmer. While it’s not marked as a women’s size tall, the body and sleeves fit my long arms and long torso on my 6-foot tall body, so I think I can safely say that this is approved for tall women out there like myself! Hurry, run – get your own Fuzzy before it’s too late! 🙂

In the photo above, I paired this tall women’s fleece pullover with my 35″ inseam Joe’s Jeans. Joe’s were my first designer jeans and they are still a favorite brand of mine for comfort, fit and length. You’ll find Joe’s Jeans and other 35″ inseam jeans at SearchByInseam.com. Read more reviews of tall women’s clothing at blog.searchbyinseam.com.